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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Letter to Nancy Pelosi


I don't know whether or not you follow the series Game of Thrones.

Regardless, you should know that we're going to rebuild the Wall.

And we're going to get the White Walkers to pay for it.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs


Just a short update, because this solar eclipse/Mercury retrograde combo has been kicking ass and taking names, and it ain’t over yet.

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Coffee Tarot - Blending Common Symbols with the Tarot

Over three years ago, I made a post here called The Evolution and Re-Interpretation of Symbols (or, The Coffee Tarot Leaves Me Cold). Click here to read that  post. 

You may recall that someone said to me:

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Archaic Smile

Back when I was trying to figure out my tastes, I would compare pictures of men.

OK, which one do you find more attractive?

Then the harder question.


One of the things that I learned about myself is that I really like guys that smile.

One of the things that I learned about Americans while traveling abroad was that Americans smile a lot. As a people, that says something about us.

I smile a lot myself. Hey, I've waited tables; my waiter's smile has had miles of practice. When you read to others as different—and when you look at me, you tend to think “gay” right away—a smile is a useful tool.

Call me a Philistine if you like (see if I care), but when it comes to ancient Greek art, I've always prefered Archaic to Classical. Classical art I admire; Archaic art I love.

Some of it is a matter of relationality, to be sure. Perfection is cold. But stylization, the schematic, simultaneously creates a distance and bridges that distance. Beholding it—by which I mean participatory seeing—you sense essence.

And then, of course, there's that mysterious smile—it's even known as the Archaic Smile—that plays about the lips of Archaic figures like a flickering flame. What are they smiling about? you want to ask. What do they know that I don't?

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  • Jamie
    Jamie says #
    Mr. Posch, "O happy people, children of happy gods." And that made me smile.
  • Shirl Sazynski
    Shirl Sazynski says #

Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
The Influence of Love


Being a Priestess is not only working to merge the energies of As Above So Below for all of humanity in an energetic manner, it is also working in a practical, heart centred and tangible way with all sisters and brothers on this earth plane.

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Boann, Celtic Goddess of Inspiration and Creativity

Boann, Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Fertility, Inspiration, Knowledge and Creativity was one of the Tuatha De Danann (People of Danu). She was associated with the 70 mile long river Boyne in Northeast Ireland and its source the Well of Segais. Some bards say that long, long ago when the world was young and wild places were everywhere, Boann initiated that spring by walking counter-clockwise around stones found there, causing the water from under the earth to spring forth with great strength and rush down to the sea. The pool formed by the spring was encircled by nine sacred hazelnut trees, whose nuts could impart knowledge when eaten. The salmon of wisdom swam in the waters of this hidden pool from which the river Boyne flows. 

Other sources recount the creation of the river Boyne a little differently. In this version, Boann goes to the source of all knowledge at the Well of Segais. While walking around it counter-clockwise, the waters rose up and forcefully pursued her to the sea. She was turned into a salmon during this event, becoming the salmon of wisdom herself and the Goddess of the new River Boyne. She released the waters for all people, becoming the mother of many of the world’s important rivers.

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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
Painful Embodiment

It began last November with a wound in my mouth.  As close as I can figure I simply chewed up the inside of my cheek while sleeping.  I, like many folk in my county, the USA, found last November a particularly challenging time as ideologies clashed, fury abounded, and tension mounted.  I seem to have manifested that inside my mouth with the traditional gnashing of teeth, unfortunately a large hunk of tissue, muscle, and nerves were also damaged in the process.  My dentist said she had not seen anything like it and suggested warm salt water rinses.  I was a bit oblivious to the extent of the self inflicted damage in my mouth and perhaps in the larger fabric of my country.


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  • Anne Newkirk Niven
    Anne Newkirk Niven says #
    I am so sorry to hear about this ongoing health issue, Lizann -- and find your connecting it to our festering political/cultural w
  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham says #
    Thank you Anne - I don't often share personal pain publicly until I'm on the other side of it, but this just felt appropriate.

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