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Posted by on in Studies Blogs

I just came across a 1979 video posted on YouTube under the heading, “VERY RARE Witchcraft Documentary with Doreen Valiente.” It's a BBC offering titled The Power of the Witch – Real or Imaginary? And there's something really wrong with it, as many of the comments try to show.

For those of us who never met her, it is very cool to see what Doreen Valiente looked like, and to hear what she sounded like – but her relatively short and reasonable appearance in this film was twisted and misrepresented by the other participants who were edited-in after her. She states that Wiccans believe in the Horned God and the Moon Goddess. She probably ALSO explained that the Horned God has nothing to do with Satan; but the editors somehow forgot to include that bit of footage. From that point on, the entire so-called “documentary” makes the unequivocal case that Wiccans are Satan worshipers. What should have been an opportunity to disambiguate and clarify the modern Pagan movement, is instead turned into a defamatory attack based on stereotype, fear and superstition.

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Pagan News Beagle: Earthy Thursday, January 28

The EPA and religious groups join forces to prevent food waste. Five planets become at once visible for view in the skies of the northern hemisphere. And a study refutes claims of health issues related to Gardasil. It's Earthy Thursday, our weekly segment on science and Earth-related news! All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Planting Heritage Wheat for Sif

I lost 20 lbs. on the Goddess Diet. I've been avoiding GMO wheat and corn products because I received gnosis that the goddess Sif wants me to. I'll relate the somewhat amusing story of how I avoid them in another post. As I mentioned in the Fireverse 1 post, while I was writing my probably-unpublishable behemoth Some Say Fire, I received a scene showing that GMO wheat is fatal to Sif, the goddess of wheat. This is what I call novel-gnosis: information about the gods presented to me by them as fiction but which I think may also be applicable beyond the Fireverse.

Once my head was cracked open to hear the gods while writing, I received messages from them as well as being inspired with scenes for the book. I got a strong impression that she wanted non-GMO wheat in real life.

I said, "It would take a revolution to get that for you. An actual revolution."

Sif said, "Get on with it already. Aren't you already talking to Loki?"

It turns out, I was wrong. It didn't take a revolution. Heritage wheat still exists in the world. It might not be in the bread aisle at the grocery store, but one can grow some if one has land on which to do so. Native Seed Search ( has some. I ordered some of that wheat to plant for Sif.

When I planted the wheat, I did a ritual to have it blessed by Sif, Thor, and Loki. The what itself is Sif's sphere of influence, and rain is Thor's. The earth itself is Jord's, also known as Fjorgynn, Thor's mother; the place where I was planting already had a dedication to her on it, written on the bottle wall in runes. Clearing the ground relates to one of Loki's spheres of influence. I had to dig up the dead things that were in the planting bed. Also some live things had to be dug up and potted and moved. The ground had to be leveled. I added compost, and turned the soil over. Only then was it ready for Sif's wheat to be planted, and only after that was it ready for Thor to rain on it to make it grow.

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  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    I've been signing lots of online petitions for GMO labeling. I used to subscribe to Organic Gardening magazine so I know there ar

Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Look Into the Future

 Look into the Future: The Value of Prophecy


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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
To Keep Silent - Listening and Remembering

It's mid-day. The air is crisp and cool. The fog is clinging to the tops of the redwood trees, wetting the forest floor with something not quite rain yet more than mist. Sunlight makes it's way, through leaves and branches to the duff below and highlights patches on the ground. I can see spectacular rays of sunlight, filtered and spreading out like fingers, illuminating stumps and bright green lawns of moss.

I'm standing still. The air and I are both still. There's no birdsong, just now, not even the distant croaks of the sentinel ravens, roosting high above me. It's as quiet as a forest can be. Practically silent, in fact. I take in one long breath and let it out with an even longer "ahh!". It is the only sound I'll utter for the next few hours as I wander about this oh so familiar spot in the woods.

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Arizona,Seducing Sedona and the Magical Grand Canyon

Why is it important to remember important past lives?

During the years when I had spontaneous past life regressions, I did not encounter my last life on Earth that had apparently been a Native, First Nations one, and I was feeling close to discovering it. As I left an offering of sage and quartz crystals on the mountain top I was standing on, hawks circled above me in a blue, blue sky. Pungent smells of pine and cottonwood trees drifted and I listened to the river song. It was spring of 2012 and I was camping near Sedona, Arizona. The Goddess was alive here and magic was afoot.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
The Youngest God

Fire does not exist in all worlds.

In order to exist, Fire requires three things: a spark, oxygen, and fuel.

If any of these is lacking, there will be no Fire.

Since fuel is (more or less by definition) organic, this means that Fire exists only on planets that support life. Of all the planets that we know to be, Fire exists only on ours. Fire may live on other planets as well, but this we do not know.

To the ancestors, Fire was a god (or goddess). In the Vedas, Fire is called the Youngest God, because he is constantly reborn.

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  • Lisa Kroutil
    Lisa Kroutil says #
    I would even argue that fire is the Oldest God. The sun and all stars are huge balls of fire. The nuclear fusion process that occu
  • Lisa Kroutil
    Lisa Kroutil says #
    I can make fire without organic matter. There are many alternative fuels. For example, the combustion of magnesium metal. In fact,
  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    Clearly I need to be reading more chemistry. Thanks for the correction!

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