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Recent blog posts
Pagan Event Planning: Recipes for Disaster Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2, we looked at Team Intrepid as it began an event planning process for a Pagan event without creating any structure for decision-making or establishing any goals, and diving right into minutia of the event. And making the wrong decision first can have a lot of impact on later planning.

Event Venue Choices

Let's say Team Intrepid assumes we'll be doing the event at Green Tree Park. They aren’t making this decision for any strategic reason, it's just that the team leader lives near the park and is familiar with the park. 

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Wolf Law

I'm a storyteller, so in the natural course of things I often find myself telling stories about the gods.


Incest. Murder. Sexual Coercion. To name only some. All the things you're not supposed to do.

The Church Fathers made much of the immorality of the pagan gods. (Considering how their god is said to behave, this strikes me as pretty damned chutzpadik.) But it's no real surprise to hear that the Church Fathers didn't understand gods, not even their own.

They're gods, in another category of being. They don't operate according to human law. They have their own.

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It’s good to get out of your bubble sometimes. A few days ago I was listening to a podcast called “Sawbones.” It’s a humorous take on medical history hosted by a Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin. The episode was on the history of acne treatment, and boy was there some crazy stuff people used to do to get rid of their zits.

Sawbones acne

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Pagan News Beagle: Airy Monday, July 13

Welcome back! We hope you had a great weekend. This week for Pagan News Beagle's Airy Monday section we take a look at what is arguably the biggest pop culture phenomenon of our times: Comic Con! We share a number of stories from the cross-media extravaganza held at the end of last week, including new details about Once Upon a Time, The Legend of Korra, and Warcraft. All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

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A Month for Loki: Community

I'm not the most recon of Loki's followers (I'm sure some of you snicker snorted: GOOD), however, I do enjoy sumbel - yes I know, Wiki, but I lack the spoons to vet heathen sites for racist, folkish bullshit today, so you're getting the wiki. If you need a non-Wiki recon take on Loki worship, read Nono's blog entry on it. Anywho, the practice of Lokabrenna celebrations in July/early August are a modern Lokean practice.

I'm fortunate enough to live near a number of Lokeans - one of my distance kindred members actually wondered aloud recently "why are there so many Lokeans in Florida?"

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Magical Mondays: Two Spells for Healing

Almost everyone has health issues now and again. Some unlucky folks have chronic pain or disabilities, or are surprised with a sudden unpleasant diagnosis that turns their lives upside down. Whether it is something small and annoying or large and disruptive, health issues can a pain in the, well, pain.

Those who have to deal with such things (me included) use whatever tools they can to help themselves heal. Sometimes that means doctors and medicine, sometimes it means increasing your exercise and changing your diet, or taking up meditation, or making sure your life is more balanced. For anything major, it usually means all of those and more.

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Changes! Goddess I Am!

These past few months have been filled with changes. Changes that have occurred at all levels of my life and brought with them joy, stress, worry, sorrow and all of the things that make us uniquely and fully human.

My life is full and complicated, so change upsets the perfectly ordered and balanced energy that keeps everything moving as it should. One of my greatest joys has always been my children and I loved that they were close in age (5 under 5, at one point), and gave little thought to the idea that they would also be leaving the nest, one right after the other. My husband and I raised our children to find their own paths and follow with passion what inspired them. So, true to this course, our eldest daughter, son and newly graduated youngest daughter are all living on the West Coast. Our twins will soon follow, leaving Pa. and pursuing a medical residency for one and Vet school for the other in parts yet to be determined. Each departure has reminded me of the changeable role as Mother and the necessary release of what we have nurtured so that these beautiful creations may find their own journey of creation. 

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