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b2ap3_thumbnail_793px-Johann_Heinrich_Wilhelm_Tischbein_-_Dance_of_the_Fauns_and_the_Meneads_-_WGA22716.jpgListening is more than you being silent when other people talk. It is about giving what is in front of you your complete attention. That might be a person, or it might be a fur friend. It might be a tree, or a plant, or a river. Listening allows the voice of the other to sink into us and become part of who we are.

And that can change who we are.

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The Language Remembers

Tiw. Woden. Thunor. Frig.

Until recently, no one in the English-speaking world had worshiped these gods for a thousand years. But all this time they've been hiding in plain sight. Their names are on the tongues of every English-speaker whenever we say the days of the week.

The language remembers.

The Old English word ós, cognate with Old Norse áss (singular of æsir), designates a '(pagan) god,' and so fell out of use after the coming of the new religion. But all those English names that begin with Os—Oswald (“god-rule”), Osbert (“bright god”), Oscar (“god spear”) among them—have kept the word alive.

The language remembers.

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Pagan News Beagle: Watery Wednesday, February 10

We take a look at what it means to live in the Year of the Monkey. Pagan handfastings are legally recognized in parts of Britain. And the next generation of Paganism is considered. It's Watery Wednesday, our weekly segment on news about the Pagan community! All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

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This year is a travelling one for me and it begins tomorrow, very early in the morning. My big green bag is packed--including snacks!--and I have a small carry-on and have taken my pocket knife out of my purse.

I'm going to Pantheacon for the first time and that sets off a year of going hither and yon. But first yon.

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  • Piper
    Piper says #
    Yes you will, Willful Bane was already on my Schedule, more of an Ozark boy, but well and have a great time

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b2ap3_thumbnail_6.jpgEach of the past five years Temple Osireion has remembered the journey of the soul through the Duat with a ritual drama.  We do this around the first of November, a time when it is natural to embrace the darker season, ponder the afterlife, and imagine meeting the gods.  The journey through the Duat is one of the grand myths which provides a metaphor for personal and community growth.  It is arduous, confusing, transforming and, ultimately, regenerative. 

With the regeneration comes a rebirth into the dawn of a new day.  The ancient texts tell of Osiris’ transformation into Ra, of Ra’s transformation from an old, dying neteru back into the young hawk that bursts from the eastern akhet (horizon) into flight across the day. 

Pool of Lotus has for three years brought messages that we hope have shed a bit of light on new Egyptian practice, encouraged those on a Kemetic-inspired path, and better connected Egyptian religion to the contemporary Pagan movement.  As with many journeys, it is time to look ahead to a new morning, a next new way of being. 

In the coming year I will be directing my focus on finishing my graduate degree at Cherry Hill Seminary, so it seems wise to bring Pool of Lotus to a close.  My heartfelt thanks goes to the editor of Witches and Pagans, Anne Niven, for opening this opportunity to me in 2012.  Your encouragement, advice and support are a treasure for which I will always be grateful.  Blessings of peace to all.

A god has been born now that I have been born:
I see and have sight,
I have my existence,
I am lifted up upon my place,
I have accomplished what has been decreed . . .
(Book of the Dead, 174)

Come, come in peace, O glorious Eye of Heru.
Be strong and renew your youth in peace,
for the flame shines like Ra on the double horizon.
I am pure, I am pure, I am pure, I am pure.
(From “Great Rite Honoring Djehuty,” Eternal Egypt by Richard Reidy)

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Tarot Heart Magick

Have you noticed that, sometimes, a particular theme starts to follow you around? Often it may relate to the season. At the same time, there can be synchronicities that capture the attention and deliver a really personal message.

This happens to me a lot. I also really feel the lessons of the season as I celebrate each turn of the Wheel of the Year. I know I am not alone in this.

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Title: The Medusa Files

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