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Recent blog posts
Fashion & Faith: Wear Medusa, Honor Vesta

While I’m not what you’d call a “girly girl” – I prefer sci-fi movies to chick flicks and grey pencil skirts to flowered dresses – I do love jewelry.  And like most things I love, I’ve managed to find a way to integrate it into the way I honor Vesta.

Of course, wearing jewelry to symbolize one’s faith is nothing new.  Modern Christians wear crosses or crucifixes in the same way that the ancient pagans before them wore pendants, rings and bracelets that depicted the faces of their gods, goddesses and heroes.  And with the resurgence of traditions like Vesta, we are starting to see this happen again.  I, for one, am happy as a clam about it.

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  • BlondieWitch
    BlondieWitch says #
    Hi Debra, I am drawn to your blogs and knowledge of Vesta. I am a solitary green witch, and I feel honoring Vesta just makes sen

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A Question of Theology

There were once three neighbors who lived side-by-side: a Dakota, a heathen, and a santero. Each had a fine large backyard garden.

One afternoon a beautiful thunderstorm rumbled through and watered all the gardens.

Grateful, the three gave thanks, respectively, to the Thunderbirds, Þórr, and Changó.

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Align with the Goddess Quan Yin to Bring Courage and Serenity to the Heart

The following is a compilation of excerpts from my forthcoming book, Holistic Energy Magic: Charms and Techniques for Creating a Harmonious Life

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Pagan News Beagle: Earthy Thursday, March 26

We could all use a dose of good news from time to time. And today, here at the Pagan News Beagle, we've got just the right thing: uplifting stories of how people are looking to improve our relationship with the environment and make it a safer, better place for all life.

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Video shared by on in Studies Blogs

Ok everyone! We made a few more videos. This one deals with the chapters in Ronald Huttons book Triumph of The Moon "Finding a Structure" "Finding a High Magic" and "Finding a Low Magic". I only went mildly crazy trying to make this video. Check it out if your too busy to read and just want bite size clips on these chapters. As always thanks so much for watching and if you liked it ... well, maybe you could like the video on youtuber subscribe? Just throwin' that out there. Mull it over. 


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Sacred Markings

There is a bejeweled Moon on my right hand, and a glorious Sun on my left.  The lawsone molecules of the henna paste that formed the images are bound to the proteins in the cells of my epidermis.  The Moon and Sun will stay there until that layer of skin sloughs off, replaced by a new layer of cells.


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Rún: A Facsimile of a Grimoire

I picked up a copy of this fascinating book from Strandagaldur (The Museum Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft). I love to see historical grimoires. Rún is particularly wonderful because it's a facsimile. Although the manuscript copied dates only from 1928, the material within it may date back as far as 1676. Two other copies of the material from around the same time exist, created in a belated attempt to gather traditional materials in the age of rising national identity. The early modern witch trials probably eliminated many more texts; it is interesting to note that like Finland and unlike the rest of Europe, men made up the greater part of those tried for the craft.

The book is full of cool information: first come the sets of runes, as the name suggests. There are alphabets for "black men" and "old women" and fools and "vagrants. There are magical staves from the simple to the complex for all kinds of magical purposes. Some look almost as complicated as vevés, others are more stark. As you might expect, there are lots of variations on the ægishjálmur.

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