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  • Sedna
    Sedna says #
    Thank you for the acknowledgement, Carol!
  • Carol P. Christ
    Carol P. Christ says #
    Thanks for opening a space for women.

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Step into the Fire

Step into the Fire


I got called out by my kid. And it was gut-wrenching. 


They’d embarked on an exploration of “family stories” they wanted to rewrite, the unspoken assumptions and unwritten rules of their upbringing. When they shared this their words were calm but direct. The unquestioning child was gone. A fully observant adult stood in their place.


Seeing myself and our family life through their eyes was….bracing. Scary. I had to face some uncomfortable truths, and found myself filled with a sense of loss and regret. I hadn’t been a perfect parent, and I wasn’t a perfect person. 


But this was a perfect chance to step into the fire.

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Journey Bread


There is a practice that has been repeated often enough by some of our covens that it has begun the process of crossing that nebulous line into the territory of something that we think of as one of our traditions. There are many people in our covens, and our extended community, who practice some healing modality. Whether it is a healing ritual, a hands-on energy healing method, herbal remedies, a shamanic intervention, or any of a number of other approaches, the actual healing work tends to occur once injury or illness has taken place.

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Oracle Cards, An Alternative to Tarot

I've been thinking about oracle cards a lot lately, mostly because I'm working on my own deck for Llewellyn. I put out a tarot deck a while ago, with fabulous illustrator Elisabeth Alba, and when we decided we wanted a new project, oracle cards seemed like the natural way to go.

I've been reading the tarot professionally for over 20 years, and before I had my own deck, I only used one set of cards, the traditional Rider-Waite deck. On the other hand, I have a multitude of oracle decks, including the Conscious Spirit deck pictured above, the Goddess Inspiration Oracle, the Journey into the Goddess Realm Oracle deck and many more.

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  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    I got an "Angels of Abundance" oracle cards a couple of weeks ago. I have used them once. I plan on getting the "Ascended Master

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Mother's Day! A Hallmark Moment or Celebration of Creation?

As I think on the meaning of Mother's Day I am drawn to both the commercialism and the potential for deepening my relationship with the creative feminine. 

I have been richly blessed to be a mother of five children. This being birthed from a space of thought that firmly believed I did not want marriage or children; only a career as a professional ballerina. The marriage came at the age of 21 after less than a year of dating my husband and I did not question that decision, simply knowing it was right. Last year we celebrated our 40th anniversary, so I guess I was correct in following my instincts. 

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On Self-Revealed Images

 These images [of the gods] were first revealed to humanity by the gods themselves.


In his Letter to a Priest, the Emperor Julian (299?-323), arguably the world's first New Pagan, lays out a case for maintaining the traditional religion “of our ancestors.”

Images of the gods make-present the gods on earth, he writes. We know that their use is legitimate because they “were first revealed to humanity by the gods themselves.”

So the question is: Did the gods first reveal images to us?

And the answer: Of course they did.

Humans are social animals. As a result, we look for human features in the world around us, and often enough we find them. You've seen them yourself. (You don't have to look at leaves for very long before you start seeing Green Man faces.) In Hindu thought, these are what are referred to as “self-revealed images.”

On my first encounter with the Pacific Ocean, I picked up a pebble as a reminder. It's glossy from wave-wear, the size, maybe, of a Brazil nut. What's striking about it is the striations. They quite clearly outline the head, breasts, and thighs of a tiny little goddess, tucked comfortably into one little brown pebble.

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