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Recent blog posts
Pagans Don't Proselytize; We Don't Need To

Pagans don't proselytize. We don't need to.

They come to us.

Why? Because, unlike other religions, “pagan” isn't something that you convert to.

Pagan is what you already are.

Paganism is inherent in human experience. Everyone is born pagan.

Anything else, you have to be made into.

“Becoming” pagan, then, is a process of recovering what's already yours, yours by right.

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Celebrating Sloth

In truth, it wasn’t sloth that has me posting this late in the month. It was over-work, and tiredness and being too hot, and forgetting. But here we are, and what I crave more than anything else right now, is rest. Resting is what mammals do, given the chance. In humans, we celebrate activity and achievement, but the way we work is profoundly unnatural and terrible for mental health.

Here in the UK, it has been very hot for some weeks now. We’re not good at heat or snow, or high winds or any other kind of serious weather. We’re good at being damp, grey and temperate! Still we try to carry on with business as usual, busily doing all the things even as the heat melts our brains and saps our bodies. Too much heat can make you ill. It can kill you. Other mammals, faced with uncomfortable high temperatures, get into the shade and flop out.

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Crystals That Heal: Pain Relief Prisms

When you feel pain somewhere in your body, it is a small voice that needs to be listened to. It could be old energy that needs to be released or a blockage or imbalance. I was in a hit-and-run auto accident where I was hit by a drunk driver who plowed through a red light and totaled my car, and very nearly me. As I hit the brake, my foot and ankle were shattered, rather like a porcelain teacup thrown with great force. The doctors wanted to amputate my leg, but I managed to talk them out of it. I had to learn to walk again, but I can walk and even dance and run again after lots of physical therapy and healing. But nowadays whenever I hit the brake too hard, I feel pain because my body remembers. The tissue and bones old the memory imprint of that awful day and the terrible trauma.


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Mother Rhiannon, Please Reunite These Families

When I first came home to Paganism, I studied goddesses, searching for the one I could most relate to, one who could best help me heal and grow.

Being of Irish descent, I focused on Celtic Goddesses, and found Rhiannon. Rhiannon had her baby taken from her while she was still recovering from birth, and was falsely accused of eating her baby. As punishment, she was forced to carry visitors on her back and tell them her “crime,” for seven years, until her son turned up alive and she was exonerated.

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Creating Conscious Vortexes of Energy called CONINGS

Teaching Conings at a Wise Women’s Festival

It was a warm, sultry day in late August in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. I packed my car with snacks, clothing and metaphysical teaching tools: crystals and other objects for students to practice a Nature Coning with, and handouts. Clothing included a sparkly turquoise blue sweater and white palazzo pants to teach The Brain-The Last Bastion workshop, as blue is a color that sparks intelligence. For the Nature Coning workshop I would teach, a full black skirt emblazoned with an impressive yellow crop circle ornamentation, topping it with a vivid emerald green sweater.

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Horned Body

Say that He Whom we call the Horned is the sum total of animal biomass on Planet Earth.

Say that he is.

His body, then, is collective body.

Together we are him.

We live with his life. He breathes with our breath.

Every birth is his birth; with every death, he dies: in every moment, dying; in every moment, born.

He is male. He is female. He is both. He is neither.

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