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Recent blog posts
In Which Our Intrepid Blogger Makes a Friendly Rhetorical Suggestion

Gentle reader, kindly entertain a well-intentioned suggestion.

The next time that you're thinking about beginning a sentence with one of the following phrases:

Well, in my tradition, we... or

In [name of tradition], we... or 

As a [title] of X tradition, I...

...remember the word of a bard, and Don't do it.

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A Simple Recipe for a Hot Day

I remember my mother on a hot summer day wiping the sweat from her brow as she prepared the vegetables and fruit she canned for us to eat in the Winter. We lived on the property of my great aunt Alice whose gardener grew planted, harvested and shared lots of good food from her extensive garden. My mother was frugal and to her mind saving money in the winter was worth her efforts in the summer. In her mind nothing was ever to be wasted. While I feel the same way, I don't have a garden to draw upon, however I do have a wonderful local farm stand that supplies me with fine food.

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My Spiritual Pilgrimage Pt 1: Preparing for the Journey

In a bit less than a week from the time of this writing, I'll be going on a short spiritual pilgrimage in the Columbia Gorge. My partner and I will be traveling up the Columbia River Gorge to check out the Confluence sites, and learn more about this region we live in. 

One of the reasons I'm doing this journey is because I've felt a powerful connection to the spirit of the Columbia River. I feel that by traveling to these sites, walking the land and learning the lore I can develop a deeper relationship with the spirit of the river, while also honoring the past and present.

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  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    I think there was a Columbia River episode on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer. I remember him stopping at a little fishery/marke
  • Taylor Ellwood
    Taylor Ellwood says #
    I live in the area so I am fortunate to enjoy it in general and to give thanks.
Mirror to the Sun: A Letter to the Priests and Priestesses of the World

You are not your god. You are not your goddess.

(At least, no more than anyone else.)

Yet you act for your goddess. You act for your god.

That's the paradox of priesthood.

People judge your god, your goddess, by what you say and do.

At all times, therefore, act accordingly.

You—priestess, priest—are not the Sun.

You are a mirror reflecting the Sun.

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Revolutionary Rocks: Crystals for Change

If you are reading this, it is a good sign that you are wanting positive change in your life. Crystals and gems are powerful vehicles for creating advantageous new directions for you to try. Certain crystals are revolutionary rocks—they can bring fresh change into your life NOW.


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A Funeral and the Power of Flower Symbolism

The power of symbolism--specifically, flower symbolism--really hit home for me on Monday.

My uncle, one of thirteen children, died last week. His funeral was Monday, and it just so happened my husband had July 2-4 off for the holiday, so we were able to attend.

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