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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

I am a huge proponent of the right--God-given or otherwise--to free speech. I think we live in an age where individualism is valued to such a degree, however, that 'freedom of speech' has the potential to become a tool. A political one, when used to silence the opponent, or even a religious one, when used to incite hate or anger onto another religion.

Over the past few days, the on-line Pagan community has come together over some clear examples of the latter form of free speech: several Facebook groups have come up slandering witches (mostly) and actively calling for the eradication of said witches. I leave witches un-capitalized because I fear the founder(s) of these groups are ignorant enough of the modern Pagan movement to be completely unaware that there is even a potential for religious views within the practice of Witchcraft.

These groups happen. They have happened before, and will happen again. In general, I feel freedom of speech applies in these instances: the founder(s) of those pages are within their right to create these pages and speak their mind. That said, freedom of speech should end where others get hurt--and people are getting hurt. From this point on, a monitoring authority should step in and take away the public forum that is used by those harmful to others. In this case, Facebook is doing none of this.

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  • Christine Kraemer
    Christine Kraemer says #
    Helpful site for explaining why such pages constitute a credible threat of violence: http://www.whrin.org/
  • Erika Clarke
    Erika Clarke says #
    I have reported these groups as well and told they weren't removed because they don't violate the facebook policies on hate speec
  • aought
    aought says #
    My gut feeling is that FB is letting this ride to "flush out" all Pagans and sympathizers. Remember, they are nothing but a big da
Facebook claiming page titled "Witches Must Die by Fire" Not Hate Speech

Very few things in social media get me too terribly worked up, but today I encountered and reported a Facebook page titled, "Witches must die by fire." The fact that an anti-Pagan site on FB exists doesn't surprise me, though how overt that hate is took me aback. What disturbs me more is that Pagans who have reported are getting an answer of "there is no evidence of hate speech."

How can a page that spreads slander, misinformation and exhorts violence against Pagans not be termed hate speech? If this were any other faith, would this even be vaguely acceptable? If you subbed in Jews or Muslims, would this be allowed. I would hope not, but given this, I am kind of afraid to ask, actually.

Disgustedly yours,

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  • Áine
    Áine says #
    I'm afraid I can still see the page from the original link. Reporting it now.
  • Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says #
    what do you expect from a country that missionary's literally band there original pagan traditions and brain washed them all into
  • Kaitlyn Hancock
    Kaitlyn Hancock says #
    Keep reporting these people. Facebook has some automated bs, but enough complaints will get their attention. I contacted Covenant

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