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Spiritual Gifts and Money – Feeling Comfortable Charging For Our Services

I loved reading the tarot so much I carried six decks with me at all times.  I gave readings in restaurants, in class, outside Starbucks, at parties, in the park, over the phone, even by instant messenger.  Reading tarot connected me with Spirit.  It was sacred to me, even if most of the people I read simply found it entertaining.

How could I charge for readings when giving them brought me so much pleasure?  Could I really refuse someone a reading because they didn’t have the $20 I felt bad about charging?  Should I read some people for free even while charging others?  Were free readings worth less than paid ones?

Every few months I paid a friend of mine, a professional psychic, $20-$40 for a reading.  I recorded the readings either on tape or in my notebook, and I referred to those notes frequently as the events of my life unfolded.  My friend made her living reading tarot, and I wanted to make my living the same way.  I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough, that I wouldn’t find enough clients, and ohmygods, what if I couldn’t read someone who paid me?

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  • Carl Neal
    Carl Neal says #
    Very nice and I totally agree. In some quarters of our Community "money" - even the very concept - is seen as offensive and even
  • Ashley Rae
    Ashley Rae says #
    Thank you, Carl! I have a whole other blog post about hating v loving money brewing in me noggin'. The first draft of this post
  • Terence P Ward
    Terence P Ward says #
    Well said! The question of charging for services by no means is limited to the metaphysical ones; the underlying problem is nearl

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Encounters with the Otherwordly

   Here I am thinking back on the first weekend in August, we were in KC, Mo. I was speaking at a paranormal convention where a few presenters including myself, talked about encounters beyond ghosts.' How can I relate this to goddess living' I wondered, since the event impacted me in a profound way. A Native American paranormal team's approach was earthy and beautifully grounded in their culture and background. Their stories were of 'elementals' and shape- shifters harassing a family. One team spoke of an entity who 'oppressed' a team member and how she changed in behavior. One Bigfoot expert who has discovered their language told, for the first time of his own face-to-face run in with Bigfoot. Another woman spoke of her UFO experiences and of being a part of a national investigative community now. I told of my own run-ins with ghosts and beings that are-something else-

The amazing thing that happened that weekend was the nearly spontaneous outpouring of the speakers to bare events that were personal, and often traumatic. We didn't just relay sightings we'd gathered from others; the tales from our attempts at helping people to understand what's going on around them. Here was gathered a group of people who, for the most part, had never met each other before, and we were onstage, opening up to the audience and daring to face the possible stigma of being called "crazy". You could see the truth as each person spoke, tears luring behind their eyes, the break in their voice as they kept emotions in check, describing the the all-too-real brush with the otherworldly.

Onstage, we faced our own nightmares and called upon strength to face ridicule. That weekend I had people come to me and thank me for confessing to my encounters with beings that were never human, then, as with another event where I dared to admit to those types of encounters, people came to me with relief that I knew what they had gone though, that I could identify with something they experienced. My occupation is a massage therapist and energy worker, I am a healer by trade and choice. I investigate the paranormal because of the "knowing" that something else is out there, something beside punching a daily time clock. Goddess living would seem to dictate that I am to elevate beyond a merely self-servicing life; to vibrate at a higher frequency, to bring a healing to the world. Perhaps this was just one of the means at my disposal, to drop the shields I use to guard myself and allow that exposure to prove to others that they are not alone.

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