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A journey through the hands of a maker of magical items, discovering not only the secrets of Sacred art, but also the history and preservation of disappearing forms of Artisan work.

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Happy August 1

Although we do not celebrate August 1 (or any other Sabbat) in a traditional way, mostly because for us there is no significant season change at the moment, we always give ourselves a little treat to celebrate the most special days of the Pagan community. Being online sellers, there is usually very little work on those special days, as our customers are gathering with covens, friends and family to celebrate – and being online sellers, the best treat we can give ourselves is a little “me” time.

One of the most powerful signs of August 1 in the northern hemisphere is, obviously, the Sun. For me, and for many others I'm sure, the Sun contains a strong symbolism of the physical and the material, as well as a powerful masculine energy, which also ties with the physical manifestation. So, our goal today - and tomorrow, I'm writing this on the evening of the 31 – is to give our physical bodies as much pampering as we can. First, through what we eat and drink, creating luscious and healing dishes and drinks; salads, smoothies, herbal teas, etc. Second, by giving our bodies love with beauty+healing treatments; a foot massage with olive oil, a hair mask with rosemary tea, etc. And third, by balancing resting and exercising and connecting with our roof garden, which provides with most of the herbs we have used today.

As the sun sets down, we will turn to fill our minds and spirits – it could be reading, spinning some yarn, working on any of my textile arts projects, and Fernando (my husband) probably will take out the carving tools and carve with abandon until a very late hour. The light of candles will illuminate the altar, and the smoke of resin incense will fill the house, blessing it and cleaning it as we have cleaned our bodies.

Our body is our main temple, our main altar, and the vessel of Spirit – taking care of it, and loving it, should be just as important as cleaning and loving your other altar, or connecting with Nature. I don't think that what we have done today (and what we will do tomorrow) is less important that performing rituals or attending ceremonies at all, because for me there is no non-sacred moment, and I believe that absolutely every action, even those deemed as routine, can be performed in a sacred way.

When I treat myself and my family, I am creating abundance, blessing and protection energies; when I love myself, I am making myself more able to love others, to care for others, and I am giving myself what I need to be a better Spiritual Guide for my customers. When I love myself, I am becoming a better, cleaner, sharper instrument for the Spirits that work with me, because a clean and rested body is clearly a better vehicle for their guidance and healing than an abandoned, exhausted one.

So, along this week, I invite you to create time to love yourself fully. If you're craving inspiration, treat yourself to a concert or an exhibition; if you're craving health, treat yourself to a vegetarian week, a new hiking adventure or simply 15 minutes of daily meditation in the park; if you're craving rest, treat yourself to a daily siesta, a Yoga workshop, or start a new hobby. If you are craving love, treat yourself by loving others, either by letting go and forgiving, or by performing some charity/volunteering.

This invitation is not about spoiling yourself rotten, which is what many people understand when the words “love yourself” come up – this is about shining like the Sun, the symbol of August 1. This is about what you truly, really need, and not about instant gratification. It is about being a source of light for others.

Happy August 1.

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Spiritist and Artisan, follower of Maria Lionza's path. Born and living in Tenerife, one of the beautiful Canary Islands, on the Northwest coast of Africa, her artwork is deeply tied to her African heritage and Latin American Spiritism.


  • Jamie
    Jamie Thursday, 01 August 2013

    Hello to our friends in the Canary Islands!

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Carolina Gonzalez Friday, 02 August 2013

    Thanks so much Jamie!

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