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An author and artist explores the myriad of art and creativity prevalent in the Pagan community and in our world.

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Pagans Create

I fancy myself an artist on some days. On others, not so much. Some days I will roll on out of bed and jump to my feet with a dozen ideas raring to go inside my head. Other days I shlump out of bed, eyes barely open, brain still half-involved in the dream I’m just leaving. On those days I’m just hoping to make it down the stairs to get some caffeine into my system without injuring myself on the way down. A morning person, I am not. As a Pagan who’s been out of the closet for nearly a decade and a half, though, my brain is always yearning to create something. I often think most Pagans enjoy creating something out of nothing. Maybe you write, like me. Maybe you paint, or sculpt, or knit, or make jewelry. It seems to come naturally to us.

As Pagans, I think most of us are in tune with the earth and nature around us. Nature does many things, and I think the main thing she does big is create. We, as Pagans, as people who, hopefully, feel in tune and a part of nature, also yearn to create something. Something from the depth of our soul. I know I love to create. Even when my brain is half foggy with sleep, I often wake up out of bed with an insistent self-reminder to “finish that book” or “start this painting” or something of the sort. I recently became interested in learning how to knit. It’s a mystery how someone starts with fibers, and ends up with absolutely scrumptious sweaters, scarves, or hats. But I want to learn. I feel an urge to learn.

Maybe it’s because as Pagans we love to create something that’s an expression of us. I attempt to create many works of art. Mostly stories. As a fiction writer, I am making things up and writing them down and hoping some people will enjoy what I’ve created. It’s intensely personal. It’s like taking a part of me, like a part of my heart and soul, showing it the world and hoping it’s something other people will be interested in. I know I enjoy writing, and my imagination is full of ideas for a dozen stories.

I also like to paint, although I’ve only attempted a few of them. I notice I’ve been drawn to painting scenes from nature the way a Pagan might see them. My latest painting is of a moonlit forest with three witches dancing in a clearing. I love painting trees and the whimsical nature.

Nature creates. Every moment of every day she creates. I think as Pagans we are drawn to creating, too. Every one of us is unique and full of special gifts to share with our fellow earthlings. What better way than through something we create. What kinds of art does your soul feel called to create? What have you brought to life lately? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Samaire Provost has been creating art all her life. The author of numerous novels, she has spent many years encouraging others in various artistic endeavors. She resides in California near the ocean where she is owned by two cats and a dog.
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