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Weighing Words: Balancing Spellwork for the Spring Equinox

We've arrived at the Spring Equinox again, which means its time to strike a balance. Use your Book of Shadows to develop and track this magical work.

Weigh Your Words. Four months have passed since Samhain, the new year, where you probably planned all sorts of wonderful changes for yourself. Draw a scale on a clean page in your Book of Shadows. One one side, write or draw all the things you've managed to accomplish since Samhain. On the other side, write or draw those things that are still in progress or waiting to happen. Look at both sides of the scale. Which side is heavier? Of the things you still have to do, are there any that you found difficult? What did you do when you were faced with that challenge? Did you put it off, or try and succeed? Or fail? How did you feel about that? Maybe you're in the midst of a task right now--how is that coming along? What about your accomplishments? Even if that side of the scale has less on it, perhaps those things took a great deal of work. Think about it and write down your feelings.


Cup of Wonder. Creating a touchstone--or in this case, touchstones--will help you regain balance as the seasons change. Wash a chalice or cup and three small crystals with salt water to purify them. Crystals can be purchased, but if you can't do that, then find three white stones that remind you of the full moon. Fill the cup with water and place it outside where it will catch the light (and the energy) of the moon. Leave it out until at least noon the next day so that it will also capture the sun's light and energy. Remove the stones and rinse them with plain water and pat them dry. Your touchstones now have the power of equal day and equal night. Carry them for balance, enlightenment and growing strength--but first, it's time to get even!


A Balancing Act. Add some action to your spell by turning yourself into a scale: Hold your stones in your left hand and close your eyes. Slowly extend your arms out from your sides and open your palms being careful not to drop your stones. Picture your empty hand filled with the things you need to get done. In your mind, weigh your tasks against your touchstone, adding energy to the touchstone until you feel that both hands are carrying the same weight. Move your arms up and down as the weight is added to help you visualize. When both sides are even, your touchstone and energy will be in balance with what you want to accomplish.


Time Weights for No One. As the warm days of Spring dance merrily towards Summer, keep track of those tasks that have yet to be done. Do you still find yourself bumping a particular job to the back of the list? Why do you think that is? Do you feel that your moon-stones are helping you in any way? Why or why not? If you feel your touchstone could use a little boost, wait until the next full moon and work the magic again--then return to your Book of Shadows to keep tabs on your progress.

by Natalie Zaman

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