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The morning sun rising in the east calls to the Bright Youth in me, and the Bright Youth responds. The full moon calls to the Muse, and the waning and dark moon to the Dark Maiden who is a part of me. The earth I touch with my fingers calls to the Mother, in both her guises, Nurturing and Devouring. The bright green shoots rising from the earth and the green leaves on the trees on my street in the spring, these call to the Stag King, while the red leaves fallen to the earth in the autumn call to the Dying God. The spring storm that rises up suddenly in the west calls to the Storm King. The night sky, the dark space between the stars, calls to Mother Night, my death come to make peace. The gods-without call and the gods-within respond.

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Jung Resources for Pagans

For this (bi-)week's post, I offer the following collection of Internet Jung resources of interest to Pagans:


Complete Collected Works of Jung

(Update: The link to the CW is broken.  If have put the files in a Dropbox file.  Feel free to email me at allergicpagan [at] gmail [dot] com and I will send you the link.)


Complete abstracts of the Collected Works

Abstracts of the Collected Works of Jung (.html)


Massive downloads of Jungian secondary sources (ebooks, audiobooks, video)

ebooks (torrent) (includes works by Jung not in the Collected Works, as well as books and articles by Sonu Shamdasani, Robert Moore, Robert Johnson, Marie-Louise von Franz, Lionel Corbett, John Dourley, Jean Shinoda Bolen, James Hollis, James Hillman, Esther Harding, Erich Neumann, Edward Edinger, David Tacey, Anthony Stevens, Andrew Samuels, and many more.

audiobooks (torrent)

video and more (torrent)


Primary Sources of interest to Pagans

Essay on Wotan (.html) analysis of the collective effect of an archetype

“Is Analytical Psychology a Religion?” (.html)

Seven Sermons to the Dead (.txt) part of Jung's record of his visionary encounters with his unconscious

The Red Book (.pdf, English, no images) Jung's record of his visionary encounters with his unconscuous

The Red Book (.pdf, German, with pictures)

Commentary on the Secret of the Golden Flower (.html)Jung's study of Taoist alchemy

The Visions of Zosimos (.html) more of Jung's study of alchemy

Psychology and Religion: West and East (complete, .txt)

Psychology of the Unconcious (.html) Jung's first major work explores archetypes of the hero and the Great Mother

The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man

Answer to Job (.html) Jung's new myth

Memories, Dreams, Reflections (.txt) Jung's quasi-autobiography

“On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry” (.html)

Christ, A Symbol of the Self a Jungian reworking of Christian symbolism


Secondary Sources of Interest to Pagans

"Jung and the Neopagan Movement” by David Waldron (.pdf)

“Jung and the Recall of the Gods” by John Dourley (.pdf)

“Jung and New Age: A Study in Contrasts” by David Tacey

“Jung’s Contribution to An Ecological Psychology” by Jeremy Yunt

"The Necessity of an Ecopsychology of/as 'Nature Religion'" by Daniel Noel

“Jung’s Metaphysics” by Jon Mills (.pdf)

“On the Importance of Numinous Experience in the Alchemy of Individuation” by Murray Stein (.html)

“The Foundational Elements of a Jungian Spirituality” by John P. Dourley (Scribd)

“The Holy Grail of the Unconscious” in The New York Times, Sept. 20, 2009 by Sara Corbett (.html)

“Revisioning Incarnation: Jung On The Relativity Of God” by John P. Dourley (.pdf)


Collections of Jung's Writings

Collection of Jung’s writings (.txt and .pdf)

Collection of Jung’s writings (scroll down page for English versions)

Collection of Jung’s writings (.html)


Collections of Jung Articles

Quadrant: The Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation

Journal of Jungian Theory and Practice archives

The Jung Page: Articles

Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies


Jungian Dictionaries

Jung Lexicon

Glossary of Jungian Terms


Jungian Societies (offer public seminars and videos)

Colorado - Boulder (Boulder Friends of Jung)

Colorado - Denver (C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado)

Colorado - Colorado Springs (The C.G. Jung Society of Colorado Springs)

Illinois - Chicago (C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago)

Illinois - Evanston (C.G. Jung Center)

Indiana - Indianapolis (Central Indiana Friends of Jung)

Minnesota (The MN Jung Association)

Missouri - Kansas City (Kansas City Friends of Jung)

Oregon (Oregon Friends of C.G. Jung)

Utah (Jung Society of Utah)

Other (The Jung Platform)



Lionel Corbett on YouTube

David Tacey on RadioNational

Asheville Jung Center on YouTube

Asheville Jung Center (video seminars)


Some Ecopsychology Resources

"Sacred Ecology" by Adrian Harris

"The Ecology of Magic" by Adrian Harris

"The Wisdom of the Body: Embodied Knowing in Eco-Paganism" by Adrian Harris (Ph.D. thesis) (.html)

Papers by Adrian Harris at The Green Fuse

Ecopsychology Research

Research on The Psychological Benefits of Nature Experiences

"Is there an ecological unconscious?" (New York Times Magazine)

Introduction to Ecopsychology syllabus with recommended readings

Joanna Macy

Andy Fisher (Radical Ecopsychology)

The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature

Alliance for Wild Ethics (essays by David Abram)

Animas Valley Institute (Bill Plotkin)

The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy

"The Project of Ecopsychology" (.pdf)


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