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Magical Cyprus Home of Aphrodite:Part One

Magical Cyprus Home of Aphrodite, Part One


Jerusalem where I have been living for almost two years has been entirely too hot now for several weeks -- hot in the sense that there are protests, violence and constant shelling in the wadi near my cottage, something I cannot do anything about.  The hachzim, hot dry desert wind -- that can drive one mad -- a time when you can murder your wife without repercussions, had also been upon us lately. That too I cannot do anything about.


I had been crashed on the couch for many an afternoon after my work in the Hebrew University Botanical Gardens, reading. One of the books I was reading was about a Cypriot healer named Daskalos. He had set up a group titled, “The Researchers of Truth,” that I felt highly attracted to. Daskalos sounded remarkable and highly-developed spiritually, so I thought to escape Jerusalem’s fire for a time and go to see him. Consequently, I called an adventuresome UN friend who had lived in Cyprus and asked if she had heard of Daskalos. She had, but she said he was a recluse and was difficult to locate.


I told her we were going to Cyprus to find him and I would book our flights for the weekend. “Okay”, she says. “But no one seems to know where he is.”


It’s so pleasurable to travel spontaneously and since I’ve lived in Israel, investigative journalist UNMO –United Nations Military -- wife, me, has also been on spiritual quests and my intuition tells me I’ll find Daskalos.


UNMO wives can travel around the Middle East on United Nations Fokker planes when space is available. It’s always an adventure as we shindig around the missions in the Middle East because the flight plans are changed constantly to fool terrorists. One never knows where one could end up; hopefully not belly up on a tarmac somewhere. Our flight is only delayed an hour. I go for another baklava and coffee. 


Romantic Greek Island Cyprus has been inhabited since time immemorial, at least since 20,000 - 10,000 BC and is the third largest of the Greek islands. A chunk of northern portion is occupied by Turks. It’s a major tourist destination in the immense Mediterranean region and has a high-income economy.


As our twin engine Fokker approaches Larnaca, I am thrilled and filled with excitement. I'd wanted to visit this Greek isle again, having spent a little time here last year. I knew that I’d lived here and in Greece in a former life and I was open to exploring this more fully and to find this famous healer. Perhaps I could pick up a trick or two from him.


I toured here last March with a group of UNMO wives. We lay on the beach sun tanning most of the time on Cypriot beaches. As I looked at the sun, I noticed a strange occurrence that felt like a mutation within my optic nerve, and a new type of vision was unlocking. No one put the sun in the sky as a mistake I decided.  Cyprus was also an island of intrigue as our tour guides were constantly on their cell phones and acting mysteriously. They jokingly hinted that Mossad was looking for us. Telling us we may be dangerous spies. Truth being, Cyprus is a hot spot for spies, a liaison place for the CIA and intelligence types from Russia, Israel, America and Brazil. I was sure some of our taxi drivers could be double agents.


While here last year I succumbed to several had-to-have purchases---paintings mostly. One I fell in love with was a nude painting of Aphrodite having a bath at her famous ‘bath’s cove’. I stare at it often, incredulously, and think that the artist has painted me, right down to my somewhat heavy thighs.


Ahhh, we’ve landed! The airplane doors are opened and the air smells sweet here on Aphrodite’s Isle. We pick up a rental car at the airport and immediately head north to Nicosia where the healer is said to live. We book into a sweet little apartment; and my friend says, "We are going food shopping!”

Okay that’s not first on my agenda, food not being a priority for me, but I say, “Sure, let’s go get some food, but I don’t have a clue what I want to eat.”


After the food shop, we head out trying to determine the ‘word on the street’ -- where can we find the healer? We cruise along the Venetian walls in the old city, walls built to protect invading Ottoman armies in the 1400’s. Streets flash by as we skulk through Nicosia, like female Inspector Clouseau’s. We pull over to ask an older woman if she knows of Daskalos the healer. She shakes her head and I think she knows but she’s not telling. We ask an older gentleman, but he shakes his head. Onward we go, my friend driving, until we finally decide a young person may talk. We pull in front of the first pub we see and I volunteer and meander in. I sit down at an oak table and look to all sides of the bar. Soon a handsome young man saunters by, so I excuse myself and ask him if he knows the whereabouts of a healer named Daskalos. He does! He gives me directions to his house which is in Strovolos, a municipality of Nicosia. My friend is impressed!


It is dark out now but we find the house in no time. We park and nervously approach the front door only to find a note posted beside it. Daskalos is retired and he’s not accepting visitations and there are books and tapes at such and such an address. Darn. We sit for a few minutes on the garden bench and compose a note requesting to see Daskalos. I slip it under the door. I am overcome with the tranquility and peace in this garden. This garden exudes high vibrations. This man is very special I think as my friend and I enjoy the garden ambiance for a time at night.


Afterward, a full moon on this clear night draws us up into the mysterious Troodos Mountains. We pass pine forests as we spiral up the mountain, then park at Mary Ana’s Hill and pray for guidance for the following days, the howling of wolves in the distance creating just the right ambiance for our howling. I absolutely love it here in Cyprus. I am feeling so irresistibly, incredibly happy, clear, inspired, peaceful and clairvoyant. I am home. This is my island.


Tomorrow our quest for Daskalos, the mystic healer will continue.



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National best-selling author, Advanced Reiki Master, Fire Priestess, Metaphysician Master, Agnes Toews-Andrews, has been researching the Goddess, the paranormal and metaphysical at home in Canada and at sacred sites around the world since 1987. It was while working with energy/Reiki that her clairsentient and clairaudient abilities began to awaken. A world traveler, she is the author of 8 non-fiction spiritual books and 1 book of paranormal fiction. At home in the question mark, Agnes has known since the age of 14 while watching a sunset in rural British Columbia that she was to be an 'Activator' of humanity and in 1989 made a commitment to be a Lightworker. Also a co-creative Devic gardner, macrobiotic consultant, she is the proud mother of two amazing kids and grandmother of five even more amazing grand kids. She currently resides in the Selkirk Mountains in the West Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada.  


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