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Part Two: Magical Cyprus, Home of Aphrodite

Part Two: Magical Cyprus Home of Goddess Aphrodite


Our Daskalos mystic healer search is on the back burner for now as our calls are going unreturned.

The subsequent morning we are off to explore Laiki Yitonia, the old city of Nicosia on this fair isle of Cyprus. I love it too! There is a placid tranquil feeling present and I am my integrated multi-dimensional self. My happiness knows no bounds. The sun is shining as we wander through the alleyways and mish mash of markets and souvenir shoppes. I purchase a beautiful set of coasters that have been appliqued with famous and locally made Leftkaritika lace. The market is bustling and little sidewalk tables rest in corners under perfumed lemon trees from which yellow lemons hang. We are soon sipping tea and indulging in Sharlotta: a delectable sponge cake with pears, brandy and custard.

 I notice I am receiving a lot of disgusted stares from the men in Laiki Yitonia. What is up with that? I am feeling exceptionally powerful and magical here in Cyprus; it feels like the place of my birth and I’m here to express joy and embrace my exulted self. My friend says the old men here do not like women exuding power, but I am in love with this land, this is my home. I am contemplating living here on a permanent basis. I query my friend as to availability of land and housing but I pull in my horns.

 Phoenician colonies existed on the shores of Cyprus. Phoenicians were notable boat builders and sailors; one reincarnated Phoenician sailor a recent friend and partner. Now-a-days, he is an amazingly skillful sailor still. I recently read that some Phoenicians were Atlanteon’s that fled to Cyprus before that continent sank. That explains their highly developed navigable skills. I have known for a time that some Egyptians were also Atlanteon’s because a first-rate channeler, Rick Thurston, from Picton, Ontario where I formerly lived, (he gave Shirley McLean readings) once told me that in a past life I was named Athene’. In that life I fled from Poseidonis to Egypt with my spiritual group just before the continent sank.

 As the sun was setting we stumbled upon a fabulous park garden. I stood feeling and sensing, delicious fragrances pervading the park. All began to shimmer as I became one with the birds in the park. The momentum of awakening there was like a tsunami, waves of light engulfing, growing with every moment as I observed the pelicans, pheasants and gulls. I knew precisely what they were thinking and I was simply ‘being’ just like them. I transferred my spirit into a gull’s spirit, shook my head, took a drink from the fountain then raised my head to the heavens and declared thanks, with love.

 My friend and I came upon a large garden of cactus's. I was particularity attracted to a giant 15 foot cactus and as I stood near admiring him. It was like I became him too. I knew precisely what he was feeling. He was ancient and as old as the dinosaurs he told me and when I wondered what his lesson in life was, because he was so old and tall and prickly, I heard ‘patience’. I was thrilled to be in his magnificent presence and felt that he liked the fact that we were having a conversation. It was identifiable. I recognized at that moment that the healing of the earth will come about because of conversing and exchanging with all of earth’s occupants. I will never forget these cactus's and this remarkable garden. 

 My friend pulled me back to the instant and said we needed to return to the apartment and try our phone numbers again that her friend gave her that morning for Daskalos. We came up with nothing, but I created an altar and we invoked goddess Isis this time visualizing being in her temple on the magical Isle of Philae that sits in the Nile River in Egypt. We summoned her in a petition to meet the Healer writing our desire on a piece of parchment then lighting it afire and throwing it into an earthenware pot I had brought for the occasion.

 My bedroom window was wide open throughout the warm night and a stiff breeze wafted the silky crimson curtains; it felt like earth was changing, like autumn was sneaking in. Rain poured down the next morning and we could not get out of our warm beds. Sleep held us captive till late morning.

 Later this day we were on the road again driving through colorful oaks, beside wide undulating fields of ripened grain. We were on our way to Mount Olympus. The topography reminded me of places I had been to before, like the rolling hills of Alberta, Canada in autumn. It was breathtaking. We found an enormous four story restaurant in the Mill Hotel near the base of the mountain and settled in for a late lunch on the fourth floor veranda as the sun streamed through the larches painted autumn gold. Thoughts of Zeus and many other Greek gods and goddesses emerged; their spirits in the air was palpable. We ordered trout and a bottle of white Cypriot wine to wash it down with, feeling blest. I was secretly hoping for Zeus to appear.

 Next we determined to continue touring to Kakopetria, the oldest village on the isle. We were soon high up a mountain bordered by the Solea Valley surrounded by thick pine forests and situated above two rivers, the Kargotis and Garillis. My friend said that Cypriots come here to spend time in the summer to cool off when it’s too hot and humid near the Mediterranean coast. We stopped at the old village of Kakopetria, and discovered sixth century buildings and artifacts. We get directions to an ancient shrine that is presumed to be Athena’s temple. We learn that the artifacts here most likely date to the archaic eras of Cyprus and that Hercules was also in residence here alongside the goddess. The prehistoric feelings of Kakopetria meld with current ones and the steep streets with old walls, lemon trees, palms and olive trees surround us with fragrance. I hated to say it again, but I was in love with Cyprus!

 We passed an elderly gent wearing the varaka, baggy leather suit pants. He was pushing a bicycle with a carrier filled with eggs. I stopped to sit on a short wall staring and enjoying the uniqueness of the moment. Suddenly a well fed cat emerged on the bougainvillea covered stone wall, jumped down and landed beside me. I lowered my hand for a stroke and he leaned up against my hand and poured out feline strength that made me feel sexual.

 The next day I decided I must visit Tou Romiou, the Rock of Aphrodite on the Mediterranean, the spot where it is alleged the goddess splashed down into this dimension from her home on Venus. When we arrived I stood for many long moments feeling connected to the place, but it was not the place so much as feeling connected to Aphrodite herself. The joy of being there overwhelmed me and I felt as if I was picking up what I left here many thousands of years ago, a deep and glorious feeling of reconnection flowed through my psyche. Indescribable really, but perhaps you dear readers have also felt this. I felt the psychic vibrations and nature spirits presence and relaxed as the sun bore down upon me. I thought of how bones and stone hold memory.

 Morning. I felt like I had been held by angels all night. Sunlight flooded my cozy bedroom. It was our last day in Cyprus. I stretched, rose, pulled on a robe, had a few chicory coffees and headed for the shower. My friend was still in bed snoring. Intuition told me to call Daskalos number once again while I was in the shower.

 I rang his number and a female answered the phone! So far all our calls had gone unanswered. It was Daskalos daughter, Panayiota. I asked if we may have an appointment with Daskalos and she said “No, he is not seeing anyone anymore.” I asked if he was teaching anywhere today. “No, she said, “He is not teaching anymore.” I silently shouted to my higher self at this point and searched for what to say next so that we could have an audience with him. I asked her if he was writing at all. “Yes, she said, “He is writing a book about Jesus’ parables.” When I heard this I exclaimed, “How wonderful! I love Jesus’ stories!”

 My excitement and enthusiasm for Jesus’ stories pushed a button in Panayiota and then she said that there would be a meditation at the Stoa, Eight Artis Street at ten that morning and we could attend! And his real name was, Stylianos Atteshlis.

 When I got off the phone I danced, sang and shouted, “Get up my friend, get up! We are going to see Christian mystic and healer Daskalos this morning! Get dressed!” She is in disbelief. “Who were you talking to?” She asked. I told her and hummed as I got dressed smiling to myself. Our magic had worked and we were soon on our way to the Stoa, a garden sanctuary not far away.

 I felt like I was in the presence of a great teacher, Master, like Jesus when Daskalos entered the room. He looked shamanistic, Native American and was powerful. How amazing was his meditation. I felt like I would never have to eat, sleep or breathe again. The feeling in his presence was truly amazing. The land of Cyprus is powerful. I was reminded of a Rune at that moment, from the ancient oracle of the Vikings: Gebo, Partnership, a Gift; that can mean a physical partnership, but in this case in this moment I was feeling a union with the Divine, a union with my Higher Self afloat through the Divine in all things.

 The morning session slipped by in a twinkling. We met and thanked Panayiota and had to promptly leave for Larnaca to catch our UN Fokker airplane back to Jerusalem. I considered returning to this magical place as we waited for our flight that was delayed two hours this time. We were the only Fokker passengers this trip. Night had descended over the Mediterranean as we got air born and soon the lights of Jerusalem were twinkling down below us. I recognized the promontory, which is Canada Hill, where I lived down below. My goal at that moment was to become holy and higher vibrational like Daskalos.

 It was now 2012 A.D. and the year that I re-connected with many of my ‘goddess’ past-self spirit parts. One of these aspects is the lady Aphrodite. It explains why I so often attract men to me without trying. Aphrodite was a goddess of love, sacred sex and sexuality and began the sex cults in the Middle East. Her other names were Ishtar and Astarte. I have natural man magnetism from times past and now I know why. I also recognized at that moment why I have reconnected with Adonis, my former brother who also lived on Cyprus, a former husband in this life who I have always called Adonis. If this all sounds rather foolish and far fetched, I have come to know that many of us are the ancient mythical Greek gods and goddesses that played upon this earth in times past. I suggest you discover your past lives too dear others; it is good to know them and heal the aspects that may require healing.




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National best-selling author, Advanced Reiki Master, Fire Priestess, Metaphysician Master, Agnes Toews-Andrews, has been researching the Goddess, the paranormal and metaphysical at home in Canada and at sacred sites around the world since 1987. It was while working with energy/Reiki that her clairsentient and clairaudient abilities began to awaken. A world traveler, she is the author of 8 non-fiction spiritual books and 1 book of paranormal fiction. At home in the question mark, Agnes has known since the age of 14 while watching a sunset in rural British Columbia that she was to be an 'Activator' of humanity and in 1989 made a commitment to be a Lightworker. Also a co-creative Devic gardner, macrobiotic consultant, she is the proud mother of two amazing kids and grandmother of five even more amazing grand kids. She currently resides in the Selkirk Mountains in the West Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada.  


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