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Questions from readers?

As you may have noticed, I have changed the name of this blog!  It is now “Threads: Musings from a godwife and heathen artisan,“  and the intro text is:  “A twisting (and sometimes twisted) exploration of godspousery, seership, hearth witchery, and the mysteries of traditional femininity.”

I made this change (with the kind approval of Anne Newkirk Niven) because I haven’t felt moved to write specifically about Frigga for quite some time now, so it has begun to feel misleading at best (and possibly disrespectful at worst) to have Her name up there in large text in the title line for the blog.  At the same time, I have become increasingly comfortable, during the past six months or so, writing more directly about my path, including some of its more personal aspects that I had previously felt very awkward and/or inhibited about discussing.  So all in all, this name change and refocusing will enable me to post more actively and less self-consciously here, since so much of what I end up posting has been about my path with Odin and/or being a godspouse, anyway.  Also, it will give you a better idea what you're in for when you start reading. 

Along similar lines, a while back when I mentioned over on my own blog that I would be taking a short break from writing new posts in order to prepare for my renewal of vows ritual (which took place this past Tuesday, on May Day Eve), I also mentioned that when I returned to active blogging I’d be opening myself up to questions from my readers, as many other bloggers have done.  I’ve been encouraging readers to Ask Me About Odin for several months now (and you are still welcome to send in your questions about Him specifically to me via, but now I would like to widen that a bit and invite you to send ask me anything you’d like to know about myself, my practice, etc.

Some examples of things you can ask about, for example:

- my spiritual background

- oracular seidhr

- hearth witchery

- heathen practice

- godspousery

- sacred queenship

- being a pagan entrepreneur

- my group of Disir known as ”the Queens”

- my other Disir and ancestors

- Making as a spiritual path

- hand spinning and the fiber arts

- the other gods I honor (principally, Bestla, Gunnlod, Bragi, Loki, Thor, Frigga, and Idunna; for Poseidon questions I will send you over to my partner, Jolene)

- and, of course, as always, Odin.  (I am going to keep making Ask Me About Odin posts on my personal blog, incidentally, but they may not take place each and every Wednesday.)

So, send me your questions! (Email me: I might answer them here, or I may answer them at my Wytch of the North blog; since my new focus here is not far afield from what I post over there, this will give me even more opportunity to integrate my content, as I've seen Elani Temperance and a few other bloggers here doing with great success.

Image credit: Snakebite by Emily Balivet

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I am a polytheist, Odinic nun, full-time pagan solopreneur, and urban hedge witch living in Eugene, Oregon. Dedicated to Odin since 2002, and recently working with the Morrigan as well. Would you know more, or what?


  • Jolene
    Jolene Monday, 06 May 2013

    I love the new blog subtitle, it fits you a lot better. I know there's a decent amount of Frigga stuff in your practice, but I also know that so much of it doesn't have the convenience of _words_ so writing about it has got to be limiting and difficult. Huzzah for a wider ranging title!

  • Beth Wodandis
    Beth Wodandis Tuesday, 07 May 2013

    Thanks! *g* Unfortunately, a lot of my Frigga stuff does tend to be hard to translate into words; just like a lot of my fiber work (and the wyrd-shaping work that gets incorporated into my spinning), it lends itself better to doing than to talking about doing. Which is inconvenient when the goal is to blog about my path! I don't want anyone to think that I won't write about Frigga anymore should I feel inspired to do so (because that's not the case!), but the new subtitle gives me the freedom to cast a wider net (so to speak) without feeling like most of my posts are "off-topic" for the blog.

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