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2012 Gate Two


Hello Everyone,

Here is part two of my four part meditation series on the 2012 shift. This is on the Summer Solstice Gate, Taurus and the element of Earth. The prior lecture-lesson deals with the wide range of teachings on the Procession of the Equinoxes, and when does the New Age really start? Lots of people disagree. 

I will post the third part shortly, and hopefully that will give me the inspiration and boost to record the fourth and final part, and post both the text and the MP3. For those who haven't found them before, here is the link for the meditations thus far:

Blessed be,


Christopher Penczak



Summer Solstice - Taurus - Earth

Thank you for joining us for the second of four 2012 Guided Vision Workings designed to help us enter into a new conscious relationship with the shifting energies associated with the end of the Mayan Calendar. Feedback from our Vernal Equinox Meditation, based upon the Eastern Gate with the Element of Air and the sign of Aquarius was amazing and I feel verified that these workings will fulfill their purpose in helping us adjust to a new perspective. 

For those unfamiliar with the purpose, I suggest you go back to revisit the meditation with a short introductory lesson on the 2012 teachings, the procession of the Equinoxes and the Age of Aquarius. Ultimately the imagery of the four workings is based upon a shift of the sidereal zodiac into a new alignment with new elemental associations. This doesn't mean that older traditions no longer work. Any combination of the elements with the directions can work, with the most popular being the traditional Wiccan and Golden Dawn system of Air in the East, Fire in the South, Water in the West and Earth in the North, or the alchemical Fire in the East, Air in the South, Water in the West and Earth in the North. I still use those orientations quite successfully in my magick. But for this working, we associate East with Air and Aquarius, South with Earth and Taurus, West with Fire and Leo and North with Water and Scorpio. 

The Age of Aquarius is the focus of this second teaching. It's based upon the sign of the Sidereal Zodiac the Sun occupies on the Vernal Equinox. While the tropical Zodiac, based upon the seasons has a clear division of 30 degrees, the Sidereal Zodiac, based upon stars is often less clear. It is also divided into twelve signs of thirty degrees, and while neatly marked out in the work of Indian Vedic astrologers who rely on the system, there are always some discrepancies as to where the divisions begin and how to start counting them, particularly among various astronomers and astrologers, who do not agree with the techniques and system of measurements. While nature lays out the pattern of stars, how humans measure them can be open to interpretation. Since the actual sidereal signs are not uniform in size, unlike the tropical zodiac, many believe their measurement, and their corresponding ages, will not be uniform measurements. In classic Vedic astrology, the Sun will be in 29 degrees Sidereal Aquarius at the Spring Equinox in 2500 AD. So from that perspective, we have a long time to go. Other traditions and system have given other dates to the shift into the Age of Aquarius. Some say we are already in it. 

Generally the “Great Year” is considered to be roughly 26,000 years, with 25,627; 25,772; 25,800; 25,920 or  25,992 being the calculation of the entire cycle, making the average month from 2,166 years, to 2,150 years, but usually considered roughly 2000 year ages. Most believe a shift in the cycle occurred before, on or near the birth of Jesus Christ, putting the shift of the ages somewhere near the 21st or 22nd century. A popular start date based upon this math, assuming 1 AD starts the Age of Pisces would be 2,161 for the start of the Age of Aquarius. 

Many cite the discovery of Uranus and the corresponding revolutions – American and Industrial – as evidence of the shifts of the Ages, while others look to those historic events as simply corresponding with the planet's discovery. Neptune corresponds with the rise in spiritualism and Pluto with nuclear power and world war. 

 Popular dates, often coinciding with other ancient calenders or modern mystical teachings, include: 






















So you can see we have a wide range of expert opinions. Just as we do not automatically get snow upon the Winter Solstice, and depending on where you are, you can experience the first snow before or after the solstice, or experience summer if in the southern hemisphere, you do not automatically get a golden age of enlightenment just because we enter into a new aeon. 

At the time of these meditations, the Sun is technically not in the fixed sidereal signs. Yet this is the energy alignment we aspire to in the future, and focusing on it now helps us manifest its highest ideals as we progress. Familiarizing ourselves with the power of this alignment helps us manifest it upon the Earth in ways we are just beginning to imagine. 

As discussed before, Aquarius' hallmarks are lateral relationships, brotherhood and sisterhood, ecology, social justice, equality, sudden change, revolution and technology. While the Water Bearer, it is an air sign depicting the flow of ideas and inspiration from the heavens upon the Earth. We have free will in how we manifest these ideas, and they will take time to manifest upon the Earth. 

May this meditation help us express these energies more appropriately upon the Earth. The summer solstice is a time of peak power, the fullness of the Sun's power in the world. While summer continues onward, the height of the Sun's power wanes after this point, so its a good time to harness as much solar energy and set our plans into motion. The second gate of the south is oriented towards the element of earth, and the fixed sign of Taurus, the builder, steward and materialist. At this time, we can envision what it would be like to manifest the perfection of a new aeon into the material realm. What results would you like to see in the world? Envision them to make them a reality. 



Summer Solstice





Start by relaxing all the muscles in your body. Breathe deep, in and out. Relax the muscles in your head and neck. Relax the muscles in your shoulders and arms. Relax your chest. Relax you back. Relax your belly and your lower back. Relax your hips. Relax your legs, down through to your feet, down to the tips of your toes. Allow all of your body to relax and be at peace with each breath. 

Relax your thoughts. Allow all unwanted thoughts to float away like white wispy clouds. 

Relax your heart. Open your heart to love. 

Relax into your soul. Feel the spark of divinity aligned within you. 


Meditative State 

Count Down from 12 to 1 visualized, then 13 to 1, without visuals. 

We call upon the Goddess, God and Great Spirit to guide this work and protect us from all harm. 

We call this work be for the highest good, harming none. 

So mote it be. 


Alignment with the Three Selves

Breathe in through the three selves. Breath in through the heart. Say, “I am the Namer.”

Breathe in through the feet and base of the spine. Say, “I am the Shaper.”

Breathe in through the crown. Say, “I am the Watcher.”

Connect all three breaths at the Heart

“I am the three in one

I am the one in three.

As it was, as it is, as it always shall be. 

Blessed be.”


Alignment with the Three Rays

Invoke the three primal forces into the three selves. 

By a Straight Line

By the First Ray

By the Red Ray

I call forth the Red Angelic Fires

I invoke Power and  Will

All is possible. 


Feel the straight red line descend from the stars through your body and into the depths of the world. 

By a Bent Line

By the Second Ray

By the Blue Ray

I call forth the Blue Faery Flame

I invoke Love and Trust

All is one. 


Feel the blue spiral of light descend from the heavens around the red ray filling you and grounding into the underworld. 

By a Crooked Line

By the Third Ray

By the Yellow Ray

I call forth the Golden Witch Fire

I invoke Wisdom and Cunning

All is Known. 

Feel the yellow lighting strike descend from the realm above and run through your spine, descending into the realm below. 

So mote it be. 


Facing the Direction

Face the South, the direction of the Summer Season. 

South, the height of the Sun . 

It is the Summer Solstice, a time of empowerment. 

It is Midsummer's, Litha, the time between where twilight rules. The Sun moves from the sign of Gemini into Cancer, the Great Mother who gave birth to the Sun God. We align with the sign of Taurus, the horned and crowned God of fixed Earth. 


Evocation of the Sign and Element

We evoke you, power of Taurus, ruler of builders and temples. The fixed Sign of Taurus is ruled by the element of Earth. Taurus is the foundation stones that build the sacred Temple, the Temple built with no hands. Taurus is the strength of the world. Taurus is the bull god, master of the maze and steward of the sacred goddess. Taurus is attendant of the Goddess of the Moon and the Morning Star. 


By the power of elemental Earth and the stars of Taurus, we welcome you. 

By the Watcher Star  Aldebaran

We call to you. 

Hail and welcome. 


Opening of the Gateway Pentagram

Draw a five pointed star, envisioned in blue light,  starting in the top point, going down to the bottom left point, up to the right upper point, across to the left upper point, down to the right bottom point and back to the top again. Draw a clockwise circle around the star, creating the pentacle. Open the Gate of Earth. 


Bathing in the Element and Season

Through the stargate, feel the blessings of the earth. Fee the power of elemental earth, cool and dry entering through the portal, bearing the blessings of strength, stability, prosperity and health. Feel the waves of physical vitality come through, blessing your bones, organs and entire body. This personal strength and health will aid you in the assimilation of these new forces, grounding them through you and into the body of Mother Earth. We must all seek to manifest heaven upon the Earth and within our body in this new age. Accept this blessing of strength and health and carry it into everything you do. Through this vital health you'll be able to do the work of your true will within the world. 


Vision of the Past/Future Age of the Sign

As the vitality comes over you, you think of the last age of Taurus. Taurus was the age of the great ancient civilizations, of the builders. From its work rising out of the agrarian states we have the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, the temples and monument. We have the earliest of Greek civilizations, the Minoans. Whenever there have been builders and temples, the spirit of the Age of Taurus has been there. Envision the ancient world, expressing its spirit through its building and architecture and how that trend has continued through the ages, from the most ancient of stone circles to the vast cathedrals and domed temples. 

Waves of personal power flow over you through the souther summer stargate. Allow yourself to envision the world, heaven upon earth, you wish to co-create. What magnificent realm do you envision for our future, where everything built is a temple? 


Communion with the Guardian

Through the gate you'll see and feel the light of the star Aldebaran. Allow that light to flow to you. You might fell it enter your root or heart chakra, clearing the way to build and sustain the temple made by no hands. 

Through the light of the gateway,  a figure can take shape. Who or what is guarding the gate of Taurus? What guardian of the earth portal will commune with you, teach you, heal you? The classic archangel is Uriel, the keeper of light and mysteries, though totem of the earth, deities of the land and guides of sovereignty and craftsmanship who flow with the blessings of Aldebaran might manifest. Commune with the guardian. 


Alignment with the Galactic Center

As we move closer to the Galactic Center, find yourself coming into alignment with this vast storehouse of blessing. You are a medium, a channel for this blessing to be grounded into the world, into the consciousness of humanity and beyond. You can help channel this blessing into the realm of animals, plants, minerals and the etheric vibrations that support all the gardens of the Earth. Prepare your channel for this flow of blessings, for this power, wisdom and love. Feel all that does not serve, all that would block this flow, being dissolved away now in preparation. Be in your truth and inspiration. Follow the true knowledge within and you will be prepared. 

Symbol or Key Word

Through this process, the alignment, the guardian, the visions and the healings, you might receive a key to bring into your consciousness, to guide you for this season, and to share with others. What key word or phrase, symbol or image to you divinely receive to prepare for the New Aeon? 

Thanks and Release

When you feel the process is complete, thank all entities and energies that have worked with you at this time. 

Closing the Gateway Pentagram

By the power of elemental Earth and the stars of Taurus, we thank and release you. 

By the Watcher Star Aldebaran

We thank you. 

Hail and farewell. 

Envision over the star gate drawing another five pointed star. Start at the bottom left point and move upward to the top point. Move down to the bottom right, up to the upper left, then upper right and back down to the bottom left point. Drawn a counterclockwise circle around the star, closing the gate to the South. 

Count Up

Count Up from 1 to 13 then 1 to 12, no visuals for either.  

We thank the Goddess, God and Great Spirit for this blessings. 


Ground yourself as needed. Feel the energies flowing in you enter and store in the blood and bones, but any excess that is unnecessary for your well being, flow down through your feet, your roots, into the earth, for the earth's own alignment with the Galactic Center. 




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Christopher Penczak is the co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft, a system, tradition and religious nonprofit organization focused on magickal education and building community. He is an award winning author of over twenty books, including The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, The Three Rays of Witchcraft and Ascension Magick and a co-owner of Copper Cauldron Publishing, a company dedicated to producing inspirational products of magick and art for the evolution of consciousness for individuals and the world. Based in New England, he travels internationally to teach magick and healing.


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