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PaganSquare is a community blog space where Pagans can discuss topics relevant to the life and spiritual practice of all Pagans.

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Posted by on in Studies Blogs

The subject of memory has become something of a bugbear with me.  I remember a lot of things from my childhood which are now impossible to confirm…and this makes me wonder whether my memories are real.  believe they are, but I have no proof.  The few people still alive who were around then have their own recollections, which deal with different events from my own. 

The reason it's become important for me to verify memories is that, five years into our marriage, my wife spontaneously retrieved a wonderful memory that had been suppressed till then  - something that happened, she said, when we had been married for only one month. 

We were staying overnight in my Dad's apartment in New York City.  Ravyn went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and, upon coming out, encountered my mother standing in the hallway.  The two of them sat down on the floor in their nighties and had a wonderful long talk, like two priestesses sharing women's secrets by moonlight.  Mom told her how much she loved me, and asked Ravyn to take good care of me.  They were both attractive, slender, flexible women; Ravyn was 36, Mom was 59. 

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  • Francesca De Grandis
    Francesca De Grandis says #
    Ted, since your post was so personal, I want to add something that might be a support. Below is a link to a blog of mine that migh
  • Francesca De Grandis
    Francesca De Grandis says #
    Ted, beautiful. Bless you for sharing your personal journey. That is so important, given the topic. Your closing line about the D
  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor says #
    Thank you for understanding, Stifyn.

Ahhh. Egypt, mysterious and wonderful. When we reached our hotel in the southern city of Abu Simbel early evening we discovered that the hotel had been double booked. All fifteen of us were stranded. At eight p.m. the lights went out and dinner was by candlelight. We drank tea and organic Egyptian wine as we sat in the lounge after dinner and waited. It was near midnight when rooms had finally been vacated! Who knows what happened, but we were happy they had happened and settled into our sparse but acceptable rooms for the night.

 The next morning we were off early to see the sun rise over the colossal imposing 67 foot stone carved figures of Ramses II. My foot slipped on the walk and I was in pain. Along with almighty Ramses were the gods Ptah, Amun Ra and Re-Horakte. They lined a sandstone cavern temple. This site was sacred to the goddess Hathor before Ramses decided to build temples. Ever popular and charismatic, on one side of the cavern the statues of Ramses II showed him wearing the White Crown of Upper Egypt and on the south side statues Ramses II wore the Double Crown of Lower Egypt.  The statues had been plucked from their original site by UNESCO and were now 200 feet higher on this taupe sandstone cliff.  

I noticed a row of prepared for flight noble hawks carved of sandstone atop the balustrade leading into the main temple as I sat and Reikiied my throbbing foot. A sacred cliff rose before me. Ramses II also built a smaller but lavish temple for Nefertari here in Abu Simbel. I could feel his love for her in the walls, they exuded kindness and thoughtfulness. Temples were places of residence mostly in times of yore.

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1-10 of a Devotional Polytheist Meme


Over the past couple of weeks I've been slowly working my way through my Devotional Polytheist post. I wanted to share my answers to the first ten questions. If any of you are also participating in this meme, please feel free to share the links to your blogs in the comments. I would love to read how everyone approaches these issues and concepts. 


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  • Christine L Berger
    Christine L Berger says #
    Gallina, this is extraordinary, and such a gift. I sit here right now with the aftermath of three hours on a root canal, and this
  • Galina Krasskova
    Galina Krasskova says #
    Actually, thank you. reading your comment was immensely inspiring to me. there is something that happens when we enter into the de
  • Terence P Ward
    Terence P Ward says #
    I had the notion that I would bang these out once a day . . . HA! These are deep questions, and not so easy to answer. A friend

Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs


    I'll go with you, I told my friend Lola over dinner when she mentioned her desire to do El Camino.  Struggling with recurring cancer, Lola was courageous and confident about taking on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. My hometown priest used to talk about El Camino during Catechism class. Your sins will be pardoned when you arrive at the Santiago Cathedral, he used to say. As a child, I questioned whatever the clergy said, earning their accusations of being a Doubting Thomas.  Even though I did not believe the sin absolution story, the idea of walking El Camino intrigued me.  But I did not know why.  Did I have a secret sin that needed forgiveness?

    Years before my dinner with Lola, my best childhood friend Nayda invited me to do El Camino.  The pilgrimage was to be in honor of our sisterhood. I loved the idea--spending time with my sister-friend always brought me joy.  But, as life happened, Nayda became home-bound taking care of her ill mother. I can't do El Camino right now, she said.  So, when Lola mentioned her wish to do the Way of St. James, I jumped at the idea.

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  • Lillian Comas
    Lillian Comas says #
    Photo by Frederick Jacobsen

Posted by on in Culture Blogs

For all that I write about money, I've never summarized how I work with it, in a religious sense.  In part that's because I only set up a formal money shrine recently, and having that around has caused me to step up my game.  Here's a snapshot of my money practice as of today.  I'm actually hoping that I will come back and read this in a few years and be amazed by it.  Who knows, maybe this will chronicle practices that I will forget, and then reconstruct based upon my own ancient writings!

But even if the internet archaeologists don't find it interesting, I hope some readers will.

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