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SageWoman Blogs

At SageWoman magazine, we believe that you are the Goddess, and we're devoted to celebrating your journey. We invite you to subscribetoday and join our circle...

Here in the SageWoman section of PaganSquare, our bloggers represent the multi-faceted expressions of the Goddess, feminist, and women's spirituality movements.

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For me, Autumn is far less about the dying away, and far more about the stocking up. Granted, the leaves beyond my window are turning, shades of yellow and brown creeping in amongst the greens. It’s late this year, but then, so was the spring.


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In the 80s, I had a roommate who was learning Buddhist meditation. His weekly class happened to be a night on which I always attended a lengthy Faerie ritual.

Every week, when we both returned home, I'd ask, "How was your meditation?"

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  • Kalyca Schultz
    Kalyca Schultz says #
    I love this.
  • Francesca De Grandis
    Francesca De Grandis says #
    Kalyca, thank you so much.
  • thomas byrnes
    thomas byrnes says #
    De nada .

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The goddess will not be funded.

Tonight at about 12 midnight, Eastern Standard time, the government will likely shut down because of women’s wombs. Yep. Legislators who object to provisions within the Affordable Care Act of 2010 that cover contraceptives, are threatening to stop all government services. It’s like time-traveling back to the heady year of 2010 when the Act was signed into law except then the Act came close to failing because of abortion.  For many of us who have had abortions and fought for women’s reproductive integrity, this was a hard, hard sideshow to watch: the politicians scrambled over themselves to see who could disavow abortion more passionately, something they’d never, ever support. This procedure, one that millions of women use, is still so stigmatized that the merest suspicion that the ACA might be used somehow to fund it almost sent the first meaningful health care act of our lives back into legislative limbo.

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Quick & Easy Tarot, by Lily Oak


     Recently I was given the opportunity to review Lily Oak's newest book, Quick & Easy Tarot, released by Hedge Witchery Books (, and I am so very grateful for the opportunity. I read tarot every day; I have even been known to carry my deck around in my purse for no other reason then to have it nearby. I am not a beginning reader by any means, but Lily Oak has included pieces of information in her book that were quite new and fascinating to me.


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The Gathering of the Tribes

The Harvest moon...she was quite marvelous this month. And now we move toward a dark moon where she invites the depths of knowledge to mingle and play in the soil beneath our feet. 

Are you feeling the palpable richness of this moment? The effervescent juiciness of the energies?  I experience it as acceleration in my heart center and a Knowing in the gut. Indeed we sit within a time of sacred transition. A process of celebratory release this time of year so that the elasticity and resiliency of our very foundation may become more apparent.

A great deal of the "work" I choose to engage in is spent weaving in and out of various circles of community; something I recognize I have done since I was very young. I was never one to want to be a part of cliques in school because my desire was to become acquainted with and understand everyone’s unique perspective. I am a weaver; a bridge builder. This lifestyle has invited some mighty fine adventures and an ability to mesh language and kindred spirit. It has also proven to be a lonely path to walk at times yet that even is shifting as time and geography become more fluid.

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