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A magical walk through the English Hampshire Countryside as told by a local White Witch and Healer.

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May: A Walk Through a Year in the English Countryside

I stumble excitedly along the tiny narrow cobbled streets to arrive amidst the heady celebrations of Mayday and an amazing riot of colour.

The village maypole is festooned with ribbons that are being tightly wound around its phallic pole. Maidens dancing joyfully in gay abandon as they duck and dive and weave their magic with each step. The air is full of excitement and energy and the mischief is tangible, left over from the night before by those who have spent the night in the woods ‘a Maying’.

People line the streets waiting for the rhythmic beat of the drum and here it comes, accompanied by the haunting melody of the flute. Together they taunt us playfully as we await the arrival of the ‘Obby ‘Oss ‘ and its entourage of revellers. Laughter and merriment fill the air and the excitement is tangible to all and as the procession passes I tingle with the vibration of life and being alive and I am thankful.

Such rites are a joy to behold and if you are ever lucky enough to stumble upon such festivities, I urge you to throw caution to the wind and take part, free your spirit and enjoy the celebrations of life itself in all of its forms. Laugh a little and allow yourself to live.


The festivities will carry on throughout the day so I turn and make my way back up the hill to the woods, now quiet and peaceful. I wander freely through the fabulous carpet of bluebells and let my feet bathe in the pure morning dew and as I walk contentedly, right in front of me appears a Hare. She stands tall upon her back legs, magnificent and stares straight at me, I am mesmerised.

Without the slightest fuss, she turns and makes her way along the track in front of us and then she stops, raising one paw as if beckoning and sure enough, from behind a mound of bracken appears another Hare and he joins us. All three of us continue on our way and my heart sings with joy, I cannot believe what is happening and how Blessed I am to share this moment with such mystical creatures.

I stop to admire a clump of white wood anemone and the tiny flower of the wild violet next to it. A hawthorn bush now laden with white blossom stands close by and I think of the beautiful floral crowns worn by the May Queen interlaced with the bounty of colour I see before me now.

I look up and they are gone and I thank them for their time and for their presence.

Making my way back down to the harbour a shower of hailstones descends upon us and I watch as they bounce across the cobbles like cracking popcorn. The cloud burst passes, the glorious sun re-appears and I inhale deeply of the freshness from the dampened air.

Blessed Be.

Illustrated by sarahNet Ltd.
For more information about Lady May – please contact
or visit us at © 2014 sarahNet Ltd


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Lady May lives and works in the beautiful English Hampshire Countryside. She is a qualified herbalist and witch. She follows a way of life that that has been passed down through her family for generations. She has taken the traditional three degrees of the Craft to become a High Priestess and is still learning. Lady May knows she has been Blessed and greatly honoured at having been taught and mentored by some of the country’s oldest, wisest Elders and followers of the Craft: Witchcraft in its truest sense as it has been practised for thousands of years, with the greatest respect for all living things.


  • nathalie delin
    nathalie delin Saturday, 17 May 2014


    My little cat Chanti is tested feline leukemia positiv, and have anemia too,
    I love him so much, and I just want him to be healty. :'-(
    I just Lost My other lovely cat Luca, who is the brother to Chanti, to the same disease a month ago.
    They are both indoor cats, but they may have gotten the disease though birth, from their mother who is an outdoor cat, I did not knew that they had feline leukemia, Luca just got sick, and then I took him to the vet, and got him bloodtested, and it showed that he was feline leukemia positiv, I was so heartbroken, :'-( I started treatment on him, and I did everything I could, I didnt care about the cost, I just wanted him to make it and be healty again, but the feline Leukemia, is a really dangerous disease, and he got an really bad anemia too, and he unfortunately didnt make it, :'-( tears is running down my cheeck while sharering this with u, I am so heartbroken, after the loss. :'-(
    They mean so much to me, and loosing Luca, has been the hardest thing in my life. :'-(

    And I got Chanti blood tested too, and he shows positiv too, and he is very sick now, only a months after my little Luca,
    Chanti is really sick and have a bad anemia too. :'-(
    Can you help my little Chanti? I cant handle if anything happent to him too, loosing one was hard enough, but loosing both, would be the worst. :'-(
    I cant imagine a life without them.

    Please can you help me with my little baby cat Chanti, please, I would be forever greatful, it would mean everything to me.

    I have read alot about the law of attration, and tried to send out Pictures to the universe.
    but it hard to be calm, an focos, and only think posetiv thougt, when I just lost my little Luca, and I now how a dangerous sickness it is, and Chanti is transmitted with it.

    I have heard that you can do everything with life u want, and cure all dangerous sickness with the thoughts, and believes, if learning how to use the Law of attraction right?

    I contacted several people for help, then some one wrote back to me, and told me, that I need to do reiki healing on my cat?

    I really hope that you can help my little Chanti.

    best regards Chanti and Nathalie

    please will you help my little Chanti I am bagging you, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, please help me

  • Lady May
    Lady May Monday, 19 May 2014

    Hi Nathalie,
    So sorry to hear about your cats and wish them all good things.

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