Live Devotion

Live Devotion    
by Ménage a Music
Ménage a Music, 2007


Robin Renee’s Live Devotion is a beautiful, healing prayer of devotion to the Divine Feminine. Kirtan chanting and devotional songs are part of an ancient practice that allows us to let go of the chattering mind and access deeper states of consciousness. Vocalist and musician Renee blends traditional Indian instruments and chanting with modern instruments and arrangements. The result is a gorgeous CD that soothes the spirit, heals the heart, and is the perfect complement to meditation, yoga, and ritual.

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Hidden Power

Hidden Power    
by Robin Brock
A2 Records/The Rock Empire, 2003


Canadian Goddess rocker Robin Brock is getting the best press of anyone you’ve probably never heard of. A powerful voice, a powerful presence, an award-winning songwriter, a spirit-driven, Goddess loving artist, Brock is an up and coming mainstream artist whose latest CD, Hidden Power, is getting enthusiastic press all over Canada and Europe, and airplay on commercial and internet radio.

Toronto’s Seemagazine exults, “Brock’s voice puts other Canadian vocalists to shame” and UK’s Phase 9 Music calls Hidden Power an “impressive powerhouse” of a CD. Described as “dynamic,” “raw and powerful,” and “vital,” and favorably compared to Shania Twain, Ann Wilson of “Heart,” and Pat Benatar, Brock is attracting a lot of attention for her passionate, har- rocking style and powerful lyrics. Her sophomore effort, Hidden Power, showcases a rare musical talent: confident, self-assured, and elegant even in its roughest moments.

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Workplace Wicca 101

Workplace Wicca 101
Be Pagan on the job without getting fired.
by Tina Anderson 

Ok. So you’ve found your religion — you’re a Witch. You’ve studied, learned and absorbed your path; some of you reading this have even been initiated into a coven. Witchcraft has become more than just something you do — it’s a part of you, it’s who you are. Like the poem, you are a Witch at every hour. Stop! What was that? At every hour? Well, maybe every one but those from 9-5 . . .

It doesn’t have to be that way. Integrating your religion into your workspace doesn’t have to be hard, nor do you have to “come out of the broom closet” in order to do so. What you can do will be limited by how “out” you are, but you can almost always do something comfortably at any level of openness.

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Vitus Dance

Vitus Dance  
by Gaia Consort
Suddenly Naked Arts Collective, 2007


Sometimes, you just have to dance. Despite fear-mongers on each TV screen, Life’s rich and wondrous spell transcends human commotion. This sentiment drives Vitus Dance, and drives it hard. Few albums I’ve heard this year rock as Dance.

I’ve had mixed feelings about the band’s music before now; earlier releases hammered sociopolitical harangues at the expense of artistry.

That flaw disappears on Vitus Dance. Though several cuts ― especially “Dirty Little Secret” and “All We’ve Got” ― contain political themes, those songs transcend their topical limitations. Expansive arrangements allow each song on the album to breathe, and the musicians follow that flow to glory. Although Dance’s production sounds a bit thin in places (particularly the electric guitar, which could be beefier), there’s a rich sophistication and outright joy to the music that makes this album sing.

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Meet Holly Golightly


Meet Holly Golightly

Welcome to ALL ABOUT YOU. Our featured reader this issue is HOLLY GOLIGHTLY who inked the great cartoons at the top of our columns and illustrated the fiction piece in this issue “When the Veils are Thin.” Holly is a Comicbook artist and writer and currently works on Sabrina the teenage witch; Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose; and 3Little Kittens: Purrrfect Weapons. We asked her to tell us about herself.

The Craft has been around me in some form all my life. I began reading the Tarot when I was eight, with my mother’s deck. She got it from a ring of white witches, but she didn’t like me playing with it, so I always snuck out the deck and did it when she wasn’t home. I didn’t always know exactly what everything meant, but I knew it stirred something inside. By age eleven, I knew I was a Witch; it was just an instinct that lead me there. I never grew up thinking this was ‘deviant’ or ‘wrong.’ I just knew I was different.

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