If Twilight Has A Voice

If Twilight Has A Voice
The Music of Wendy Rule
Interview by Phil Brucato

To hear her sing is to move from the comfortable world of electric light and synthetic darkness into someplace more primal. There’s an implacable quality to that voice — a wilderness where nurture and terror combine. Wendy’s art goes beyond the trite pretenses of Goth or Folkishness. Her voice can shift from maiden to crone in a single note, and although the emotional texture of her work seems melancholy, it’s too rich to be so narrowly defined.

An old soul in a trickster’s guise, Wendy hails from Melbourne, Australia. For the last decade, however, the world has been her home. Touring with her brand of ritual cabaret theatre, Wendy has walked faerie paths outside Yorkshire, watched sunrises in Berlin, and breathed the ashes of post-9/11 New York. Still, it’s wilderness that inspires her most deeply. She might draw influences from smoky jazz clubs and wild techno raves, but if you want to find the true source of her artistry, just walk along a woodland river and watch the sun go down.

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The Crafty Witch

The Crafty Witch:
101 Ideas for Every Occasion
by Willow Polson
Kensington, 2007

If you enjoyed Ms. Polson’s Witch Crafts (Kensington, 2002) you are absolutely going to enjoy The Crafty Witch! This is a richly-illustrated book filled with crafts just about any one of us can make. From cross-stitch “Never Thirst” sippie cups to embellished altar shelves to handmade soaps, Ms. Polson has put together a charming collection of things we can make.

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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde  
by Chrissie Blaze
O Books, 2008


When an astrology book is billed as a “survival guide,” you have to wonder if that is just hype or a strategic marketing tactic. So I took these two words with a grain of salt when I picked up Mercury Retrograde by seasoned astrologer Chrissie Blaze. After reading it, I might add some other descriptions, like “essential,” and “the definitive work” on the most trying planetary time of year.

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Bird Cards: The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom

Bird Cards:  
The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom  
by Jane Toerien
Altamira-Becht, 2007


Toerien has created a deck of fifty-five cards which uses bird energy as a self-help and self-discovery tool. Each bird represents a different focus for an individual to work with. This is a gentle book filled with positive energy and an earnest desire to help the reader.

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Spiritual Bathing

Spiritual Bathing  
by Rosita Arvigo and Nadine Epstein
Celestial Arts, 2003


We’ve come along way from Mr. Bubble and rubber duckies!

In Spiritual Bathing, one finds a beautiful tribute to the spiritual significance of the humble bath. Along with other “luxuries” — such as aroma-therapies, spa services, and massage — the healing properties of baths, showers, and saunas are greater than we ever believed, and these practices are now considered necessities rather than luxuries. As the stress and hectic busyness of modern life spirals out of control, there has to be a compensation, a move towards simplicity, relaxation, and nurturance that repairs the damage done to our minds and bodies.

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