About Peace

About Peace
by Scott Shaw
Red Wheel/Weiser


I set about this book with the idea that it would be a sort of meditative instruction guide, a collection of simple thought-provoking observances to induce a more peaceful state of mind (this is not an uncalled-for assumption after skimming the prologue). It’s not. I’m afraid to say I was a little disappointed in Shaw’s style — there is too much explanation of what peace is not, and very little help with the concept of finding out what it is.

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The Wiccan Web: Surfing the Magic On The Internet

The Wiccan Web:  
Surfing the Magic On The Internet  
by Patricia Telesco and Sirona Knight
Citadel Press


Having been involved in the online Pagan community for six years, I have been fascinated to see what authors would do with the splendidly diverse and organically home-grown community that is the Neo-Pagan Internet.

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Workin’ for a Livin’

Workin’ for a Livin’
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Workin’ for a Livin’
Five steps to a more magical workplace.
by Deborah Blake 

In my view of the perfect world, we would all own Pagan stores, do Tarot readings, create beautiful crafts, or make our living in some other way that satisfies our Pagan inclinations. Alas, for most of us, earning money to put food on the table requires that we spend our days toiling away at more mundane jobs, often under circumstances that are more likely to sap our spirits than to sustain them.

However, that doesn’t mean that we should give up on our dreams. In my experience, magick can find you almost anywhere, if you are willing to look for it. So, until the day when that perfect Pagan world arrives, here are some guidelines to help you survive — even thrive — in the everyday workplace.

I have wanted to be a writer all my life. But in the past I had lots of explanations as to why I couldn’t start writing. Then, two years ago, an idea so possessed me that I had to write it down and share it. I ignored all the reasons that I knew my writing career couldn’t take off, and did it anyway.

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Herbal Magick — A Witch’s Guide To Herbal Enchantments, Folklore and Divinations

Herbal Magick:  
A Witch’s Guide To Herbal Enchantments, Folklore and Divinations  
by Gerina Dunwich
New Page Books


I jumped at this book as soon as I saw the title. I’ve been seriously studying and practicing herbalism since 1994 and a large portion of my library is dedicated to this subject. My approach has always been one that has dealt more with the medicinal properties of herbs and leans heavily toward a scientific approach, but I wanted to expand my knowledge on the magickal uses. So, when the book finally arrived in the mail, I eagerly opened the package and began to read it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

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Pagans in Prison

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“We are called Satanists by other inmates. And we not only have to fight the inmates, we have to fight the administration. We are not anti-Christian. They are anti-pagan.”
— Dave Chamberlain, New Hampshire inmate and leader of Pagan inmates group

“Almost immediately, I found myself under attack for being Wiccan. The police are more than happy to provide you with a Christian Bible and chaplain. The jail has numerous opportunities to get out of your cell, provided you want to hear Christian messages. Other than that, you stew. The guards will send the other inmates that go to church your way. They are usually not pleasant to talk to. Most are recently converted and feel a personal mission to bring you to their God.”
— Cyrus Hensley,
Missouri inmate

Pagans in Prison
Our Brothers (and Sisters) Behind Bars
by Kenaz Filan 

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