Move into Your Houses

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Move into Your Houses
by Tasha Halpert 

When you look at your astrology chart, you will notice that it is drawn as a circle, with the 360 degrees of the zodiac, representing the heavens from the standpoint of Earth when you were born. The planets are placed inside the twelve pie shaped sections or houses. One of the 12 signs of the zodiac is placed on each edge or “cusp” of these sections. The time of your birth determines the signs and number of degrees of each house. Each section, or “house” refers to a compartment of your life. Each has a keyword that clues you in as to how it functions for you. Your time of birth also tells you your Ascendant, an important part of your astrological makeup. This is the sign on the cusp of your first house.

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Self-Hypnosis: Easy Ways to Hypnotize Your Problems Away

Easy Ways to Hypnotize Your Problems Away  
by Dr. Bruce Goldberg
New Page Books


I was skeptical at best when I picked up this book. Self-hypnosis has always seemed to be too good to be true. Most of what I had previously read on the subject was a combination of pseudo-New Age meditation, hype, and recto-fumigation. However, Dr. Goldberg’s book presents hypnosis in a serious and scientific way.

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Finding the City of Light

City Witch

©2012 Holly Golightly

Finding the
City of Light

by Christopher Penczak

“Cities are not natural. Cities are not magical. Cities are not sacred.” So we often hear, but I don’t believe it for a minute.

As modern pagans, witches, sha-mans and mages, we have been conditioned to long for a techno-free utopia, a garden of paradise. Many of us look to the matriarchal Stone Age cultures, claiming that these societies possessed a perfect paradise without violence, war, crime or any social ills.

It is because of this anti-urban attitude that I wrote my first book, City Magick: Urban Rituals, Spells and Shamanism. Mythic cities abound in pagan mythology, and if we look to such stories for guidance and inspiration, how can we claim cities are not magical?

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Wandering Witch Crosses the Delaware

Sometimes only a stone’s throw to the other side, the Delaware River,
seen here from Jersey, is a gateway to a world of natural beauty.

Wandering Witch
Crosses the Delaware
Article & Photos by Natalie Zaman

Into the Woods

Water skips over stones. Here, it trickles; there, it gushes. In some places, if I’m careful, I can cross with ease. But turn a bend, and the flow becomes wide and deep, swift and dangerous. This is the Delaware River. I’ve traveled its waters by foot and raft, boat and barge, but I’ve come to know it more as a gateway than a means of transport. Whenever I feel world-weary, when I need to refresh my connection to the divine, or wish to escape, I come to the river and let it be my guide. When I pass through or over its waters, I enter another world, a green and magical place.

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Snows of Kilimanjaro

Snows of Kilimanjaro
by Medwyn Goodall
New World Music

Sit back and relax for a good cause. Except for half a minute on the first and last tracks, “Snows of Kilimanjaro” is about as African as bagels and lox. It may not be African, but it is soothing: Medwyn Goodall, who has been at the forefront of New Age music since the early 1990's, turns in a solid performance on this CD, sales of which benefit the Duchess of York’s charity Children in Crisis ( a group that helps children in some of the world’s most dangerous countries.

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