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Alone within yourself

This is probably one of the most difficult places to be comfortably. Most people cannot understand why I want to be in my own head and my own thoughts. Yet I find this is one of the best (and sometimes worst) places for me to be. It doesn’t matter whether I’m using my imagination to write a story or thinking through a problem or exploring my inner landscape.

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The other day a member of my coven offered to lead an upcoming ritual.  I was extremely pleased by this development. Though my wife and I often function as the "High Priestess" and "High Priest" of our group we didn't start this endeavor with the idea that we would run every ritual.  It's nice to just sit back sometimes and participate instead of having to stand forward and "lead."  

I know that our group is kind of set up in a such a way that it often looks like I'm in charge. My wife and I started our coven, we selected our initial circle-mates, and I organized our week to week gatherings.  As time went on we adopted a formal ritual structure, which I wrote.  

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PaganNewsBeagle Earthy Thursday Oct 23

In today's Earthy Thursday we have stories celebrating our amazing planet. Profile of an eco-conscious farm; Bolivian law gives legal rights to Mother Earth; reviving ancient Incan agriculture; a Pagan pilgrimage to the holy places of Somerset; tiny fox massage.

Farming is a major influence on eco-systems around the world. This story from Yes! magazine profiles a farm that's trying to bring sustainable practices to agriculture.

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Almost everyone I know has at some time had a sunburn. Nowadays I am ridiculously careful with sunscreen every day having had a skin cancer scare a number of years ago. Before then, I often didn't realize that I had had too much Sun until a day later when my skin was inflamed and sensitive. I can recall times when just a fingertip running across my arm felt like someone dragging a rusty nail across my skin. There have been times when the sunburn was bad enough that even a cool soothing balm felt like an assault upon my skin. There was also, in those extreme cases, a sense of malaise as well. Nature often repeats certain patterns, and human nature perhaps even more often. I have often observed that what we experience in our physical bodies is also similar to what we experience in our souls, our psyches, and our spirits. I think that we can get a soulburn, and it is very much like a sunburn. By the way, a soulburn is not the same thing as burnout which is what happens when we do too much and burn the candle and both ends and the middle.  

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  • Aline "Macha" O'Brien
    Aline "Macha" O'Brien says #
    Thanks for this, Ivo. I can really, really, really relate. Of course, the other side is when one isn't often invited anywhere, o
  • Ivo Dominguez Jr
    Ivo Dominguez Jr says #
    Good luck on your foray into uncertain territory. Let me know when and I'll light a candle for you.

Posted by on in Studies Blogs
Why I write about my mistakes

I've noticed that the majority of books on magic and indeed even the online writing I come across is mysteriously devoid of the mistakes practitioners make when practicing magic. I'll admit I find this to be puzzling and less than useful for purposes of magical work, because in only presenting the successes a person has had with magic, what is missed out on is the process of trial and error, the refinement of technique and the recognition of the opportunity to learn. In both my books and blog articles, I share my mistakes in magical work because I find it useful to keep a record of what hasn't worked, as much for myself, as for the reader. A record of my mistakes helps me keep track of what hasn't worked, so that I can work on such processes further. It helps the reader see the process of evolution that a given technique undergoes as well see where mistakes were made. It also teaches the reader that mistakes are a natural part of the magical process and should be embraced as opportunities for learning.

No matter how skilled you are, inevitably you'll make a mistake. It's important to recognize the mistake and acknowledge it. This may be hard to do, especially if it brings up hard questions for you such as wondering if magic really works, but asking those questions are important and when you hit that moment of doubt, it actually is an indicator that your approach to magic is starting to deepen. A mistake challenges us to be honest with ourselves about our magical work and its relative meanings in our lives. If we only ever have success we don't really know what we can be capable of, because that success limits us from discovering what we really need to improve on.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

b2ap3_thumbnail_771px-Life_and_Death_Intermingled.jpg(an excerpt from my book, Visions of Vanaheim)

Star Mother is, in personal gnosis corroborated by several spirit-workers (as well as directly from Vanic elves), the progenitor of the Vanir and Creatrix of the Multiverse, and (with the Serpent Twins) the closest thing the Vanir have to a god that they will revere, in the sense of ancestor worship.

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  • Mariah
    Mariah says #
    Beautiful- it's rather similar to the Feri tradition's creation myth-
  • Nornoriel Lokason
    Nornoriel Lokason says #
    Yes, yes it is. There are some notable differences in the Eshnahai cosmology v. the Feri cosmology, from there on, but that is so

Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

b2ap3_thumbnail_nancy_holley_praywild.jpgAhhh! Lunar Samhain: New Moon, in Scorpio, the Sun, newly in Scorpio, and partial solar eclipse coming up this afternoon...can you feel the shadows?

     Darkness sinks its teeth into day as the year’s descent deepens. Shadows fill up the street and cold creeps under our skin. Small valleys are bowls of mist brimmed with endings: bones, leaf-litter, rinds, skins, all the husks that held bright fires of life. This is the hour of the Cauldron of Transformation—from death comes rebirth. Listen for wisdom-voices in the storm: Kali, Crow-Woman, Ceridwen, Hecate—all know the need to cut and cull—let the Hag guide you to face down fear. Do not get lost in grief. Ride your power, disturb the air; be the witch, the shocking voice of truthful stories that shatter the status quo. Protest, refuse, fight for a new equality that places the wellbeing of Mother Earth in the centre. The seven generations that will follow us are waiting, crying for a vision. It will come from women working together: sisters weaving magic circles of intent.
Rose Flint © Mother Tongue Ink 2013

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