Sapere Aude: Magic without Fluff

Sapere Aude ("dare to know") offers a hard-core, unsentimental, no-nonsense look at the ins and outs of magical practice.

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Sophie Reicher

Sophie Reicher

Sophie Reicher is an occultist and magician living in New York City. She has been a student and teacher of the occult arts for over twenty years and specializes in psychic and spiritual self-defense. The author of "Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy

Workers, Healers, and Psychics," she maintains a blog where she occasionally posts articles on magic and related esoterica. A member of House Sankofa, Ms. Reicher is a devotional polytheist, and a devotee of many Gods and holy beings, including Mani and Sunna, the Morrigan, Farbauti, Bast, Dionysos, Hermes, and the four Archangels.

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I decided when I started to blog that I would write about various magical topics that interested me at any given moment. That means this blog is likely to be something of a mixed bag. I"ll take requests if someone wants me to write about a specific topic, but otherwise, my posts will be about whatever I've recently discussed with colleagues and friends, or whatever I happen to be reading or most interested in at any give moment. Today that topic of interest happens to be the Goetia. 

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  • Katrina
    Katrina says #
    I very much enjoyed this blog. I agree with your approach and thank you for posting this! I am beginning study on the entities in

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself since this is my very first column here at Witches and Pagans. I am a magician. Taking that one step farther, I am a very old-school magician. I also happen to be a devotional polytheist and sometimes these things intersect, but more often than not, I keep them well and nicely separate. I try to at any rate. I was a magician far earlier and far longer than I have been a polytheist after all, and I love working magic. It nourishes my soul. Magic is my craft, my art, and one of the means through which I work my will upon my world. I feel about it --and take note, you won't see me talking about 'feelings' overmuch in this column--much the same way a master sculptor must feel about a completed master work. This is what I do. I would say it is my vocation save I dislike the religious overtones of such a word, when applied to magical practice.

You see, magic is not religion. It is not prayer. It is not a devotional practice. It is the art of working with power.

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  • Sophie Reicher
    Sophie Reicher says #
    Thank you. I doubt I shall post more than once a month but I am glad to be writing here.
  • Betty Prat
    Betty Prat says #
    Glad to see you're a writing a blog here, I enjoyed reading this one. Thanks!

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