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You know, even with all the bios I've written over the past few years, this is quite possibly one of the toughest. After all, in a way, this website is my bio. It's about me, or at least a significant portion of my creative life.

Would you like some bullet points? I'd like some bullet points. They'll make organizing this much easier:

  • I'm an artist who makes stuff out of dead stuff.
  • I'm an author who writes about paganism, shamanism, occultism, and related topics and sometimes presents workshops.
  • I'm a resident of Portland, Oregon. I love Voodoo Doughtnuts, hiking, and the plethora of book stores here.
  • I recently earned my Master's degree in counseling psychology. I'm especially fond of ecopsych, narrative therapy, art therapy, and other expressive therapies.
  • I can be bribed with good sushi, good quality chocolate, Bacon Salt, and the aforementioned doughnuts.
  • I am either a wannabe polymath or a dilettante, depending on how you look at it. My interests, hobbies and skill sets (beyond writing/editing, book layout, promotion and publishing, artwork and psychology) include but are not limited to sustainable gardening and food preservation, dancing to goth/industrial music, Western martial arts, reading voraciously, picking at fiction writing ideas that have yet to come to fruition, video games, suspension of disbelief through ritual drama, feeding stray cats, environmental activism, volunteering to benefit the homeless and formerly homeless populations, and a few other things not necessarily fit for discussing in polite company.
  • I'm generally approachable if you send me a polite email or happen to run into me at a pagan or other event. As long as you're civil the worst you have to fear is that I might try to sell you something. If you aren't civil--I mentioned the interest in martial arts, ne?
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