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Tantric Awakening: A Woman’s Initiation into the Pact of Ecstasy

Tantric Awakening:  
A Woman’s Initiation into the Pact of Ecstasy  
by Valerie Brooks
Destiny Books


Tantric Awakenings is the story of one young woman’s journey into discovery of herself through the Tantra experience. Valerie Brooks is honest with the reader when discussing her own personal issues and challenges, and she has an erotic sense of humor.

She does an excellent job at defining Tantra and its relationship within spirituality and divinity, which insures that her book is unique from the other how-to books on the shelves. She keeps the language simple, easy to follow, and enjoyable to read.

Her Tantra teacher is a married man, who is also married to a tantrika and is the author’s friend. This at first creates confusion, obstacles to overcome, and fears to confront.

Brooks shows you how to overcome and to confront not only these kinds of issues but many others. She shows you how to create the atmosphere for Tantric ritual that is consistent with the experience and takes the time to let you know why it is important for repetition: training the body, the essence and the mind to experience the intent to love, which allows the partners to worship the divine within each other, to experience oneness with oneself, others and God.


RATING: 4 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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