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To the Men of the Tribe


Go to the edge of your favorite clearing in the woods.

There, strip off everything that you weren't born with: clothing, jewelry, devices.

Step as you are into the midst of the clearing.

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Sweet Potion for Sharing: Lunar Libation

For a passionate pick-me-up, drink this tasty tea with your lover.

In a pint of distilled or spring water, heat the root of ginseng no less than an hour. Simmer, don’t boil, under cover and don’t dare stir. Pour yourself a cup for love’s sure power.

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Triskele Celtic Spiral brown' Men's T ...

Three Medicines of the Tribe of Witches

Three medicines of the tribe of Witches:





Three Meanings to Every Word

In the language of the Witches,

three meanings to every word:

something good, something bad,

something to do with a cow.


Three Things That Never Were

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Here Comes the Sun

Ah, the common quandary. What to do when it’s rain, rain, and more rain forecasted on the longest day of sunlight of the year? Well for starters, it wasn’t raining when I woke up to greet the sunrise with some yoga sun salutation poses, facing east. My partner and I are determined to continue with our plans to go camping at one of our favorite spots later today. Hopefully, it’s not too wet to build a fire at some point. Right now, nothing seems too heavy, and we’ve certainly camped in intermittent drizzle before. Even if the sun is hidden temporarily, I can still feel its energy there, and the chirping birds certainly felt it, singing it up this morning around 5:13 a.m. (CST.)

Midday Ritual

I also plan to light an orange votive candle at noon and follow the ritual suggested by James Kambos in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook for 2024. Kambos recommends lighting the candle and staring into the flame, then writing the name or names of the positive people in your life that re-energize you on a brightly colored piece of paper. After each name, add a note about how they boost you up, then tuck it away for an uplifting pick-me-up when you need it most. I liked these ideas of honoring and recognizing the different phases of the sun throughout the day (morning, midday, and ending with a quiet reflection at sunset). As the sun keeps optimism alive, we too can take comfort in knowing that it will shine brightly again for us in all of its glory, at its earliest convenience. You really can’t keep the sun down or out of sight for long.

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A couple of coven-sibs have variously mentioned husbands who get up and walk around the house naked first thing in the morning.

Men's Magic, maybe?

I ask because I find myself doing this too. Now, in the general course of things, I'm not much one for walking around the house naked, but I mean: you get out of bed, you go downstairs to make a pot of tea. The neighbors to the South can't see; the neighbors to the North don't care. Why bother getting dressed first?

The resident priest of a local pagan land sanctuary walks the bounds of the land every morning. Weather permitting, he does this naked.

I think of the alleged apotropaic qualities of folkloric nudity.

I think of the martial nudity of the ancestors: part boastful exhibitionism, part distraction, part implied threat.

I think of warlockry: the men's magic of the tribe of Witches, grounded in biological maleness.

Human beings are territorial animals, males preeminently so. Maybe that's what's really going on here: nudity as territorial claim.

As for scaring off unfriendly wights, well: call it value added.

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Serpents and Mirrors: Minoan Summer Celebrations

Summer Solstice blessings to you all! This year (2024) the moment of Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere occurs today, June 20, at 4:51 p.m. US Eastern Time (9:51 p.m. GMT).

The first Full Moon after Summer Solstice occurs tomorrow, June 21, at 9:08 p.m. US Eastern Time ( or just over the line into the next day, 2:08 a.m. GMT, June 22, and so on further east). So there's very little time between Solstice and the next Full Moon.

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Planting Enchantment

In all cultures, paradise is a flower-filled extravaganza. Eden was a virtual jungle; Kama Sutra lovers Radha and Krishna made love among petals, clinging vines, and scented trees.

Plants and flowers will infuse your environment with bliss. Cut flowers in the bedroom and parlor never fail to captivate. As a horticultural courtesan, your lover will come to appreciate more than just your green thumb! Try cultivating a few of love’s most captivating blossoms.

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