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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

On the off chance that there's still anyone left out there who would contend that there has been an ongoing tradition of Goddess-worship in the English-speaking world since antiquity, I have some bad news for you: the word “goddess” itself proves that you're wrong.

But this very fact opens the door to an exciting possibility.

Compare the words for “goddess” in Modern English and its sister Germanic languages:

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  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    According to Cleasby-Vigfusson, gyðja is the feminine form of both goð, "god" and goði, "'priest'", and so means both "goddess" (a
  • Erin Lale
    Erin Lale says #
    Gidden. I like it. I like words. gyðja isn't a word for goddess, though. Gythia is the feminine form of godhi, meaning priest or
  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    Thanks Gwion, stay tuned: more tomorrow.
  • Gwion Raven
    Gwion Raven says #
    Oh Stephen! How I do love the word Gidden. I just used it yesterday in a multi-traditional Pagan gathering and saw a few quizzical
PaganNewsBeagle Airy Monday April 20

Happy Monday! In today's Airy Monday post we share stories of the ancient past -- hidden beneath our feet. Welcome to the wonderful world of cave cities! (And check out the bonus post on future caves -- off world!) Cave cities: Nottingham, Turkey, Rome, and .... the Moon?

Did you know that the famous city of Nottingham (of "Robin Hood" legend) is actually built on top of a network of more than 500 human-created caverns? These caves might just explain how Robin Hood’s Merry Men came and went from Nottingham Castle so easily. Check out the story here.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

b2ap3_thumbnail_freyja.jpgFreya is the daughter of Njord (and likely Nerthus), the twin sister of Frey, and one of three Vanir who were sent to Asgard as hostages following the Aesir-Vanir war.  Like her brother, she is connected with fertility, and portrayed in lore as being extremely sexual.  However she is also a warrior and a mistress of magic, and a very complex figure.  

How should one periphrase Freya? Thus: by calling her Daughter of Njordr, Sister of Frey, Wife of Odr, Mother of Hnoss, Possessor of the Slain, of Sessrumnir, of the Gib-Cats, and of Brisingamen; Goddess of the Vanir, Lady of the Vanir, Goddess Beautiful in Tears, Goddess of Love. -Skaldskaparsmal 20  

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I was so happy to see The Muses come dancing into my life this week when I did my weekly draw from the Goddess Inspiration Oracle. I've been struggling off and on with writer's blocks for much of the last five years, and increasingly I am feeling, as Maya Angelou would have said, the weight of the untold stories inside me. I find myself longing to write more and more often, and frustrated by the things that get in the way -- or, perhaps, the things I let get in the way. I've been reading Christina Baldwin's Life's Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest for the last several weeks, and am finding that it's inspiring me not only to think about my journalling practice, but about the craft of writing and finding purpose more generally. I am excited to see what The Muses' energy infuses into these ponderings and into my work this week!


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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
New Moon in Aries

The Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, on the Spring Equinox. All the qualities of Aries—action, initiation, new beginnings and emergence—are present as the Spring begins, and we can drink in those qualities every day. Aries brings us to our core selves, to our identity, to a pure expression of who we are. Emerging into Springtime, we are called upon to leave the Winter behind, and often that means letting go of the comforts, distractions and defenses that shored us up over the long dark night. In Spring, we long to throw open the windows and clear stuff out, and that goes for both our interior and exterior spaces. Aries helps bring its fiery clarity to this task.

Aries makes us question: Who am I, as a magician/witch/priestess? What are my deepest values? What are my skills and talents? How can I best express them, and deploy them to their highest, best use? What is my Work? What do I feel passionate about? Where do I expend my day's energy, and is this in line with my values? This is the perfect time to ask these questions.

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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

b2ap3_thumbnail_womb_wisdom.pngBefore I tell you about a great short film, "Belly Button," let me remind you that my free Womb Wisdom conversation, Connecting with the Sacred Feminine, goes online on Wednesday, April 22.

If you haven't already done so, register for Womb Wisdom at by Tuesday, April 21 so you receive the email with the link to the conversation. 

Remember, once you register for this free event, you're on your way to receiving two gifts I'm offering, each complementing The Woman's Belly Book: a $5 discount on the Honoring Your Belly instructional DVD and a 20% discount on the full-color illustrated paperback, Rite for Invoking the Sacred Feminine.

Now, to the movies:

Early on in my career as Belly Queen — championing women's bellies as sacred, not shameful — a friend showed me a poem she had written. The piece included the words: "first scar, mother scar."

b2ap3_thumbnail_mary-crossroads0.pngDavid Hewitt's gem of a 10-minute film, "Belly Button," offers its own take on that theme. The cast includes Sharon Small and Don Gilet, two of my favorite British actors.

Hewitt describes the story this way: "Six strangers are drawn together at one moment in time, but with different dreams."


Myself, I see the sacred feminine at the crossroads. What's the story you see?


Click on the images above or here to see the film on YouTube.
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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
The Jacaranda is the Queen of Spring!

Boy, my last post was a downer, huh? Believe it or not, spring in LA isn't all bad. One of my favorite events in spring--something I look forward to all year long--is the blooming of the Jacaranda trees.

Here's the Jacaranda closest to my home, visible from my daughter's window and our patio. I won't lie--out of all the Jacarandas in my neighborhood, this one is the most resplendent. The spirit of this tree is sweet and proud.

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