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Recent blog posts
PaganNewsBeagle Watery Wednesday Community News August 20

Today's Watery Wednesday emphasizes community news from all over our wonderful movement of Pagans, Heathens, Witches, Wiccans, and polytheists. Lots of things moving and shaking today!

On the Norse Mythology blog, we hear from Master Sergeant (MSgt) Matt Walters, who led the campaign to convince the US Air Force to include Ásatrú and Heathenry as options in its religious preference list.

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My Children for My Children

If ever I've heard Earth speak, it was in that moment.

Early August: a windy hilltop in western Wisconsin. We've called to her, our beloved Earth of many summers. She stands here in our midst, her hands on the swelling curve of her belly, and her look to us is love.

She cries out. She is in labor now. She crouches in the birth-squat and we dance for her. We labor with her in her birthing, until that final long-drawn cry of triumph. Our circling stills. In the windblown silence, she draws forth from beneath her skirts the newly-born, the god-loaf. We cheer them, him and her.

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PaganNewsBeagle Fiery Tuesday August 19

There's lots to be fired up about today! In an environment awash with activist news, today we are concentrating on some of the stories we've come across that *aren't* being covered by Big Media: an African witch who saved Tutsis during the Rwandan genocide, Pagan civil rights activists speak out, Indigenous People's Day, and a trip with the Icelandic Pirate Party. Enjoy your day!

This story of a courageous African healer who used her Craft (and a good deal of guile) to save others from the rampaging mobs during the Rwandan genocide is an inspiration.

The woman who started the campaign to remove the 10 Commandments monument at City Hall in Bloomfield, New Mexico speaks about her faith, life, and the place of religion in the public square.

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Sometimes Healing Energy Is Not Enough: Michael Brown, Civil Unrest and Our Ugly Present

Please note that this is a sensitive topic and needs to be discussed with care. Please reference my guidelines for sensitive topic discussion.


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I periodically run across blogs proclaiming that the shadowy guides who control spiritual evolution on this planet are divided into Good and Evil contingents—and that our religious and metaphysical organizations have become unwitting pawns of the Evil ones. According to these disaffected souls, any organization you can think of has been taken-over by the Dark Side: the Catholic Church, the Masons, the Theosophical Society, A.M.O.R.C., Self-Realization Fellowship, Eckankar, the Mormons, Wicca. You can't trust anyone!      

How to evaluate such extreme accusations? This is what my life experience has taught me:  

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Weekly Sun Signs: August 18th

Weekly Sun Signs August  18th-  24th

Virgo Season! Stepping Over the Threshold
Mercury entered Virgo on August 15th at 9:44 am (PDT) heralding the beginning of the change from fiery Leo energy into the practical earthy energy of Virgo. The planet Mercury is the harbinger of this sea change, followed by the Sun on the 22nd, and the New Moon in Virgo on the 25th. A palpable shift has begun towards the transition into autumn. I know lots of people who shriek at the sight of a lone yellow leaf in the sea of green, but I love this time of year! Everything is saturated with a golden glow, and even the sunsets are more vivid.  Sunday, August 17 (and into Monday) marks one of the most auspicious aspects in Astrology – Venus conjunct Jupiter.  This is sure to be replete with all of the good things in life: romance, creativity, and pleasure to spare.  Take advantage of this day, and plan something really special.

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It's a pleasantly cool August night, and my partner and I are drinking Mojitos on the patio, the laughter from our friends drift up from the pool. Once in awhile, we hear the melodic chants of the guest Coven, raising energy in the new sacred space we carved out in the woods just last week. The lights are dim in the freshly painted cabins, as some of the greatest minds in contemporary Paganism arrived last night to circle and discuss Magickal and theological gems. Within the walls of our sacred Pagan space, we have no need to explain ourselves. Trees get hugged, and there's no eyebrow raising. The Fey get their due respect without reminders. The Unicorns are only ever fed with the produce from our collective garden and Peter Dinklage makes a nightly stop to simply have a chat and sometimes lets us ride his pet dragon around the area. It's a great place.


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