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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
Book Review: Naming the Goddess

“On any spiritual path, and most especially on one that is simultaneously a path of magical practice, our real progress and growth is measurable largely in the capacity to pass the challenges that are set before us. The easy parts of the journey are not the most important.”


–Philip Kane (in his essay on Laverna, Naming the Goddess, p. 232)


Naming the Goddess, published by Moon Books, is a collaborative work bringing together essays written by over eighty scholars and practitioners of Goddess Spirituality, including contributions from Selena Fox, Kathy Jones, Caroline Wise and Rachel Patterson. A unique aspect of this book is that it is a two-part project with the first part of the book containing a series of contemplative and scholarly essays and the second part serving as a “gazetteer” of different goddesses, making it useful both as a reference book and as well as one that encourages reflective spiritual thought.

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Pagan Shops of Western Canada: Gaia Rising (Nelson, BC)

Travelling around the country on my book tour gave me an opportunity to explore some of our lovely Pagan shops.  So I'm starting a new feature; once a week or so, I will profile a new shop for your perusal.

Gaia Rising is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Nelson, BC; a pretty town in the Kootenays with heritage homes that hearken back to Victorian times, vast and amazing scenery, and a large and prestigious arts college.  Needless to say, metaphysically oriented people are attracted to this area in droves, so finding ways to meet "our peeps" is not difficult!

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Another Girl's Paradise

I live in Paradise. Or at least, some people’s version of Paradise. I’m also a long-time Tori Amos fan, as I’m sure some of you gentle readers have already divined by the amount of her work on my blog. I love her for many reasons, among them that she’s unapologetic about her spirituality, her beauty, and her sexuality. And like me, she is also a rape survivor. In many ways, that in particular fascinates me because she seems less hindered by her assault than I am in terms of being willing or able to express desire. I had a lover ask me once what I wanted, and I was at a loss to express anything in particular, in no small part because asking for it seems Dangerous with a capital D.

And I’m not the only One aware of this problem – recently, Loki specifically asked me to tell Him what I wanted. Again, I don’t know. I’m always happy to try things, but I don’t ask or initiate, because I’ve been shamed into not wanting to express any sort of desire. Again, asking for it is, well, asking for it. Given the fact that I write romance, I’m sure that sound strange, but in essence, it’s Not Me enough to be Another Girl’s Paradise, and I can enjoy it, express myself.

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Keepers of the Flame © Denise Kester 2011

Dream: ...I am in a crowd of people, and I hear a telephone ringing. Someone answers the phone and hands it to me and says, “It’s for you.” I say “hello,” and the person on the other end is a woman, and she says, “I am calling from the Hopi Nation. The ember is in the canoe. The time is now.”

The canoe carries precious cargo through flood-high waters in a desert land. The time is upon us and we are in this boat together, grateful that we are not alone.

The keepers are guided by helpers who send signals ahead.
They know the way by how it feels in their bodies.
It is a feeling of resonance that they follow.
The keepers are the guardians of the precious ember.

The ember will spark the imagination, allowing the slow burn of ideas to ignite and become clear harbingers of creative solutions for a troubled land.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_227.jpgI was an animist before I was pagan.  From earliest childhood I had a sense that the world was alive, I could sense the spirits in the land around me.  I was a loner growing up and spent a lot of time outside, enthralled by the magic of the land, the wonder and beauty.  I loved the changes in weather - I still love walking in the rain - and the changes of seasons.  The outdoors, and some particular pockets of forest, were my solace during those years; in my teens I took up hiking and frequently went on ten-mile hikes, just to immerse myself in the woods and their mystery.  When I became pagan, I got my greatest spiritual charge out of doing ritual and magick outdoors, the Powers always felt more present there... and eventually I found my way to the Vanir, and felt drawn to Them as the Powers of the Land.

With my connection to nature, I was environmentally conscious from a young age.  This was back in the 1980s during the Reagan administration.  I used some of my allowance to donate money to Greenpeace.  I spent time cleaning up litter, I dutifully recycled before recycling was a convenient and popular option (I recycled before it was mainstream *hipster glasses*), and I lectured peers and adults about littering and not recycling; I got my elementary school to switch to using recycled paper after giving a speech on destruction of the forest.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

b2ap3_thumbnail_800px-Oglala_National_Grassland.jpgShe waits beneath

Barely constrained

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Posted by on in Studies Blogs

The universe contains uncounted stages, and immortal souls are actors and actresses. We play many, many parts over many, many lifetimes, remembering our true selves fully once the makeup and costumes have come off.

Time is circular, and the Circle takes its time. Everything that is playing out now has played out before, and will be played out again—whether by this same acting company or by a new one.

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