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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Prompt Prophecies: Crystal Divination

Give your tarot cards a rest and create a one-of-a-kind divination tool: a bag of crystals you can use to do readings.  It is very easy to do.  Collect stones you have picked up on travels, and keep your eye out for crystals as you go about your daily business.  You can gather up relatively inexpensive stones such as garnets, agates, amethysts, and tiny citrines at your favorite metaphysical shop or you can buy them online. (See Resources page 143).  Ideally you have all the stones listed below but you should have at least a dozen to start with.

Select a favorite velvet bag, and when the need arises, turn to crystal visions for your enlightenment.  Most of us cannot afford diamonds in our bag of crystals, so substitute clear quartz here; for emeralds, switch to peridots, and garnets can substitute nicely for rubies.  Some new age stores and online sources also have “rough rubies” and “rough emerald” pieces for just a few dollars each, so it is possible to find these spiritual stones at reasonable prices.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

Call it unexpected affirmation.

A warlock friend of mine was driving through Ames, Iowa the other day. Amusingly, his route took him along Stange Road.

Locally pronounced stang, Stange (in two syllables) is originally a Norwegian surname; in this case, presumably the name of some City Father of days gone by.

But of course stang is also the name that witches give to the furca or forked pole that represents the Horned God. So you can't help but feel that there's something special—or amusing, at least—about driving down “Stang” Road.

Then he came to the intersection with Thirteenth Street.

“Meet me at the corner of Thirteenth and Stang.” Sounds like a line from a bad Witch novel, probably by some hack like Steve Posch.

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  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    You're a troublemaker, Anthony, but then, we already knew that. Good advice, duly taken on board. Stay tuned.
  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    Well Steven you've told a lot of stories over the years. Perhaps this is a call to gather the stories and put them in a book. Th

Ever since I can remember, when I've had to do something difficult -- having a hard but necessary conversation, atoning for a wrong, going through a process of change, or persisting through a hardship or trauma -- this phrase would come to me: Walk through the fire. Even as a kid, I knew it meant that I could get through whatever it was in one piece if I held myself together, kept my eyes and feet facing forward, and accepted whatever happened as it came. If I kept going at a steady pace, the “fire” wouldn't consume me; I'd make it to the other side. I didn't know where that phrase came from, but it always gave me strength. It still does. And it’s true -- I’ve always come out on the other side, more or less in one piece.

Hares and Fire

Fast-forward to me in my 20s, reading Terry Pratchett's I Shall Wear Midnight for the first time, and I come to this poem:

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In Which Our Intrepid Blogger Makes an Outrageous Claim

Hwæt, we seax-Hwiccum   in síð-dagum...
"Lo, we knife-Witches   in these latter days..."


Many peoples worship the Horned God—as god of all Red Life, why wouldn't they?—but to the Latter-Day Tribe of Witches, he is ours, our god in particular.

Why so? Easily answered.

The Horned is especial god of witches, ours to us, because we are his offspring.

As we see it, we are literally the Children of our God.

This is why the Swedish witches called him Antecessor: goer-before, ancestor.

Many tribes trace descent from a common ancestor. Scots Gaelic clann (pronounced klawn), the source of the English word clan, literally means “children (of).” In this, the Tribe (in Witch, that would be Thede) of Witches is no different from any other.

Why are some people witches and some not? Easily answered.

The Horned overshadows our fathers at the moment of our conception.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
In Phoenix and On Radio in October

Hear me in October on online radio and at an outdoor in-person event, a booksigning for my new book Asatru: A Beginner's Guide to the Heathen Path. I'm not making a full book tour this year because of the pandemic, but I am venturing one state over to Phoenix, Arizona to hold an outdoor booksigning and storytelling at Fantasia Crystals on October 24 from 5pm-6:30pm. In case of rain the reading room will be available as a backup venue. Books will be available for purchase on the day, and also in advance at the shop.

I'm planning to tell the story of Freya's jewel, Brisingamen. There's a chapter in my unpublished novel Some Say Fire that recounts a version of that myth. The chapter contains a lot of gnosis, and my storytelling will be based on that chapter.

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  • Erin Lale
    Erin Lale says #
    Listen to my interview on Ghostman Radio! I talk about my latest book Asatru: A Beginner's Guide to the Heathen Path and also abou

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

I've performed this curse removal spell the same way since I was in college. I didn't have any other heathens to consult with back then so it was designed in a more general pagan way than specifically heathen but I'm not going to change it now after 30 years of doing it the same way. In addition to telling you how I do this spell, including a short video, I'm also writing about why I did the curse removal and what happened after I did it.

I recently did this spell in my companion Tom's house. He's in the hospital and I noticed a string of odd glitches that led me to think there may be bad energy that needed to be dispelled in a more formal way than just gathering up whatever energy was around in my hands and tossing it towards the pyramid light saying "bad vibes away!" like I usually do.

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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
This is a time of steeping b2ap3_thumbnail_nourishment-card.jpg
and deepening,
of holding and enfolding,
of ripening and harvesting,
of nourishment
shared and received.
There is an offering occurring,
a recollection at hand,
a restoration in process,
a stewing and a brewing,
a choosing and renewing
in our souls.
Autumn Blessings to you all!
We've created a free set of nourishment-themed affirmation cards and they're available to you here.
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