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Statuette of a snake goddess | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston | Minoan art,  Snake goddess, Minoan

Back in the Paganolithic Era, writing "Old Time Religion" verses was something of a pagan cottage industry, and I certainly wrote my share. Of those that I can remember (or will admit to), here are the best.

For what they're worth.


There's my favorite Cretan goddess

in her stylish see-through bodice.

No, she isn't very modest,

but she's good enough for me.


Let us sing the praise of Horus

as our fathers did before us:

we're the New Egyptian Chorus.

(And that's good enough for me!)


Let us sing the praise of Lilith,

for she doeth what she willeth.

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Despite St. Patrick's Day COVID restrictions, Chicago River runs green -  ABC News 

This picture makes me sick.

Every Spring since 1962, the Journeyman Plumbers Union, Local 130, pour chemicals into the Chicago River to dye it green.

This they call a “tradition.”

It's not a tradition; it's a desecration. It's pollution, physical and spiritual.

A River is a sacred being. A River has rights. A River is our kin.

Search "river green Chicago" and take a look at what the press has to say about it. That, too, will make you sick. Where are the voices raised against this arrogance, this hubris?

Our ancestors worshiped Rivers (including, be it noted, the Boyne). Some of us still do.

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  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    Of course, even vegetable-derived compounds can be toxic in sufficient concentrations. Think of neo-nicotinoids. What dismays me
  • Mike W
    Mike W says #
    I agree, not a great idea to dump coloring into a living system. At least since 1966 it’s a vegetable based dye powder (Mental Fl
  • Meredith Everwhite
    Meredith Everwhite says #
    Yeah it's pretty sickening. It's a pity we can't do this in the grand ol' US of A...
  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    If only.

I received my third reading on the subject of whether I should take a job as a presenter at a specific online event.

Reading C: Tarot, from Lady Firespring at Sacred Spring

I got a tarot reading from Lady Silverspring. We spoke on the phone. At the start, she asked me what my purpose for the reading was, and I indicated that I had been wondering if I should take that job and at that point it was looking like no, but I wanted to go ahead with the reading because it was part of the next steps I needed to take on my career path. My friend said I should make a more open ended question, so I went with, "What's my best career move at this time?"

Surprisingly to me, although I had to laugh a bit at how much it dovetailed with internal godphone conversations I've had, the first thing that came up was that money is an illusion. I was like, "I know, sunshine is real, my cat is real, money is an illusion, but I have to treat it like it's real." And the next card was the Hanged Man, which made me laugh out loud. "Yes, Odin." I saw him in my mind's eye stroking his beard and saying "mmm" to indicate his presence.

As far as the convention job went, I should not take it, and basically, I don't have to take opportunities just because they fall out of the sky at me. The things I already decided that I want to do for money and career, that I'm already taking steps to go out and get for myself, are the things I should be doing. Those are long term and I need patience and trust and faith to keep going but that doesn't mean I just wait, I do things, and I should keep doing those things.

Another thing that came up in the reading was grief. I need to give myself space for that. I don't have to fill all my time with accomplishing things and keeping busy. My friend said the word Guardian more than once, and I let her know that that was a title Tom had now. She said he had decided to stay around as a protector instead of reincarnating and I said that was correct, Tom had been a Heimdall's man while he was alive and he had chosen to become one of Heimdall's Guardians.

After that our conversation became more general. We hadn't talked in far too long. It was a great reading. It confirmed what I had heard in my other readings, that I should not take that job, but it went farther and told me about what I should be doing instead. The tarot reading told me that my job right now is to grieve and to do the the long term things I'd already been doing before the job opportunity arrived. I should continue as I had already been doing before.

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It's hours now since Sunset, so at first I can't quite make out what's moving in the back yard.

Whatever it is, it's big, the size of a very large cat—an overweight cat, to be sure—but it's way too low-slung to be one of the neighborhood toms that regularly patrol my yard, and besides, the movement is all wrong: a kind of waddling scuttle.

A raccoon? We had one living up in the eaves a few years back: a big old, well-fed urban raccoon. (I opened the blind early one morning to find it giving me the Look: Just who the f*ck are you, and why are you wasting my time? Raccoons are notoriously attitudinous.) But no, the shape is wrong.

It crosses the yard and heads back to the compost heap by the garden. When I see the long, bare rat-tail, I know immediately what it is. I didn't realize that opossums got so big.

Opossums, North America's only native marsupial. I'm guessing from the size that this one's probably a male. In that case, like all male marsupials, he's got a forked penis. That's pretty cool.

Witch-critters. Here in North America, if you can't get bear-grease to make your flying ointment, possum grease will do just fine, they say. Look out, Mr. Possum.

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  • Jamie
    Jamie says #
    Mr. Posch, My wife and I live on the edge of a swamp, and animals emerge into our back yard all the time. Praise be to Artemis, I


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Happy Home Spell

To anoint your home and turn it into a protective shield for you and your loved ones, rub any of the following essential oils on your doorjambs: cinnamon, clove, dragon’s blood, myrrh. Walk through the door into your home and close it securely. Take the remaining essential oils and rub a bit on every other door and window. Light anointed white candles and place them in the windows and chant the words of the spell:

My home is my temple.

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see also - Elemental Spirits and Lore: The Thunderbird


 The first time the spirit of the Thunderbird visited me was, as described in the above article, in the spring of 2019. Again over the past week or so I’ve been having visitations and visions, in both waking and dreaming life, of hawks and eagles and I feel their powerful return.

Spring is the season of the Thunderbird. In the fall they take their storms away and in the bright, renewing springtime they soar in with their beating wings and bring the rains and thunder back.

The Thunderbird is one of the few ubiquitous characters across Native American lore. While they have some variations from one tradition to another, there are many attributes that remain consistent, one of the most significant being their dual and contrary natures. As they are essentially allegories of natural forces, i.e. rain and storms, this makes perfect sense. Rain brings life and cleansing to the land and all that grows, but storms can be incredibly destructive too.

We humans are a part of nature and a reflection of the dualities in nature. We are comprised of all the elements, just as the Thunderbirds are, and we are often in conflict with ourselves and with other people. Some tribes believe that there are benevolent and malevolent Thunderbirds that are constantly at war with each other. Other tribes believe that the Thunderbird may be, at different times, either “good”, happy and bestowing blessings and protection, or “bad”, angry and snatching up children and livestock to feed upon.

We have emerged from a very dark and challenging year, in which perhaps we may feel like Thunderbird has been angry and vicious, and sending only storms and destruction into our lives. Though it hurts and may be hard to see, sometimes that destruction is for our own good, as it makes room for better things to grow and it forces us to question the necessity or value of what was destroyed or changed to begin with. Sometimes though there is also unnecessary and wicked destruction. There have been and still are people who are in power and who have great influence, unfortunately for darkness, injustice and chaos, and that is not the purifying destruction enacted by nature.

The chaos has not yet passed, and we don’t know if times just as hard or even harder may still be ahead. Some cities and whole states are relaxing their safety measures against the pandemic prematurely and countless individuals all over the country are still not taking the care they need to. While some things undoubtedly seem much better now than they did for much of last year, on both national and personal scales, we simply aren’t out of the woods yet.

This spring is an important time to reevaluate, to take stock and slow down. Too many people have been over-reactive, impulsive and are much to quick to judge and try to control others and usually very hypocritically so. There is far too much that is out of our control and the wild, primeval nature and power of Thunderbird reminds us of this. We all have our place in the world but we cannot impose our personal beliefs or limited viewpoints on the rest of the world.

This is also a great time to ask ourselves just why we believe what we do, and if perhaps it is time to change or altogether release some of those beliefs. We have to dig up and throw away the old, the dated and decaying if we are to make room for new shoots to come in and new buds to bloom. This is a cleansing and renewing time.

Trance and shape-shifting are very powerful and appropriate rituals for this spring. If you are fortunate enough to have a drum, spend some time sitting either in nature or in a comfortable corner of your home and beating the drum (or simply play a shamanic drum track, many can be found on Youtube) as you imagine the beating wings of the Thunderbird. Fall into a trance state to calm, cleanse and renew yourself, and let the resonating vibrations crumble and shake away any beliefs, fears, thoughts or doubts that are holding you back. Imagine yourself shifting into a mighty hawk or eagle, or even an owl if you prefer, and soar high in the sky and look down on all the vast land below. Try to gain a new perspective and balance your own inner gentle rains and roaring storms.

If you try this, or even if you don’t, try to bring simple awareness to the energy of the Thunderbird, to constant change and to the dualities of nature and yourself. See if perhaps hawks and eagles start to appear more and heed their call to become your own medicine woman or man and seek to destroy that which needs to be destroyed, and heal that which needs to be healed.  

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