Short Fiction

Valhalla With A Twist Of Lethe

With A Twist Of Lethe
Fiction by Phil Brucato
Illustration by Clayton Preston


hor made his first guitar out of lightning and oak and a few hairs taken from Freya’s head. He strung them together with passion and a little bit of envy. He used Mjollnir as a plectrum and shot sparks from his beard as he played. The sounds he made drove trolls into hiding and cracked the mountain where he stood. Amazed, the god decided to tone things down — Loki’s chains might break and the world might end! So Thor lowered his amps to 98, and the Midgard Serpent retreated to its bed again.

Thor took his guitar to Bifrost. When he played there, the rainbow bridge changed colors to match the music. As he played, Nerids writhed in their watery beds; when they woke hungry, several hundred men were drowned. Yet Thor drew only vague satisfaction from his music. It was, he realized, pale compared to mortal inpiration.

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