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Secret Voices

Secret Voices
by Gaia Consort
Suddenly Naked Arts Collective


Gaia Consort is just cool. Let’s get that out of the way right now.

Secret Voices is also pretty cool. If the Eagles and the Indigo Girls suddenly found the Goddess and settled down for twenty years of inner peace and developing their sense of humor, you might get a CD like this. It’s crisp, it’s clean, it’s beautifully-performed — but don’t mistake it for fluff, or the serious points that Christopher Bingham, Sue Tinney, and the rest of Gaia Consort are trying to make might get overlooked.

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The First Goth Wiccan Band

©2012 Holly Golightly

The First Goth Wiccan Band
by Jason Pitzl-Waters & Jacqueline Enstrom-Waters 

Fifteen years ago, Paganism was only hinted at by a few in the rock music world. Small whispers suggesting reverence for the moon or nature might slip into a lyric or a bit of myth might get wound into a line, but few would openly sing about being Pagan in a modern world. But the ground breaking work of Inkubus Sukkubus, comprised of Tony McKormack, Candia Ridley and Adam Henderson, have been giving us rock-and-roll that isn’t afraid of the Occult for well over a decade.

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Snows of Kilimanjaro

Snows of Kilimanjaro
by Medwyn Goodall
New World Music

Sit back and relax for a good cause. Except for half a minute on the first and last tracks, “Snows of Kilimanjaro” is about as African as bagels and lox. It may not be African, but it is soothing: Medwyn Goodall, who has been at the forefront of New Age music since the early 1990's, turns in a solid performance on this CD, sales of which benefit the Duchess of York’s charity Children in Crisis ( a group that helps children in some of the world’s most dangerous countries.

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Kalevala: Dream of the Salmon Maiden

Dream of the Salmon Maiden  
by Ruth MacKenzie

“Whatthehellisthat?” is what my neighbors were probably thinking as Ruth MacKenzie let loose with a high-pitched earthy scream on her opening track, accompanied by the heady thump-thump-thump of drumbeats and a wicked set of Great pipes.

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A Universe to Come

A Universe to Come
by Tulku
New Earth Records


This is an album of beguiling trance music that draws on a variety of ethnic sources: Middle Eastern, South American Aboriginal, European, and Indian. There’s enough stylistic variation on the CD to keep you interested, while the overall trance quality relaxes your mind. You feel both uplifted and calmed.

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Turning Point

Turning Point  
by Terry Oldfield
New Earth Records


Unlike other New Age musicians who have become household names around the world, Terry Oldfield remains relatively unknown. Despite his obscurity, he has been successfully composing and recording his own brand of New Age music for a good number of years, with more than twenty albums recorded and musical scores for some eighty films and television shows.

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