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A Woman’s Voice

A Woman’s Voice
New World Music


Compilation CDs do best as one of the following: artists’ greatest hits, a genre’s greatest hits (example: classic rock) or an era’s greatest hits (example: 70s.) Otherwise this type of CD usually turns out to be a promo gimmick for a recording company, hoping that by showcasing artists, the listener will buy the individual CDs. Unfortunately, A Woman’s Voice seems to fit into the latter variety of underwhelming collections.

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Winter Moons

Winter Moons 
by Spirit Nation
Razor & Tie


What do you get when you cross an Israeli, an Ojibway, and a truckload of electronic equipment?

Give up?

It’s called Winter Moons, the second release by Canadian group Spirit Nation.

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Red Sands Dreaming

Red Sands Dreaming
by Global Collective
Farren Music America


This recording is a collection of traditional Australian Aboriginal music, contemporized by studio effects and synthesized music. I’m a very big fan of Aboriginal music. It ranks in my top five favorite types of music. There’s something about didgeridoos, bullroarers, clapsticks, and rich Aboriginal voices that resonates to my very core. Whatever that something is, it is completely ruined when digitized, processed, and subjected to “hip” studio effects.

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Fire in the Head: Emerald Rose Live

Fire in the Head:
Emerald Rose Live 
by Emerald Rose
Emerald Rose


Wow. Just wow.

Emerald Rose is a Pagan band that can really rock, and it shows on this live CD recorded at two shows in Georgia last year. I admit to having a bias against live CDs, both in and out of Pagan music circles; they’re rarely worth listening to, and usually a poorly recorded and engineered throwaway.

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Lute Music for Witches and Alchemists

Lute Music for Witches and Alchemists
by Lutz Kirchhof
Sony Music Entertainment


I first spotted this album in a St. Louis record store, while browsing the medieval music section. The title caught my eye, but I didn’t pick it up that day. Every time I went back, I’d look at this CD and think about buying it. Now I wish I’d bought the thing the first time I saw it!

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Onward to Avalon

Onward to Avalon
by Jack Montgomery
Shadowdancer Music


Some of you may already know of Jack Montgomery from his writing, but he’s also an excellent musician and lyricist. His rich, compelling voice and deft playing really bring these songs to life. Several other talented vocalists and musicians join him for this album. Featured instruments include keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, tambourine, and mandolin.

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