Songs of Naka Peida

Songs of Naka Peida
by Peggy Green
The Orchard


I can’t stress enough how much I love this CD.

It just brings so many beautiful images to mind along with the liquid gentleness in the guitar’s voice. The lazy movement of chords reminds me of a cross between Folk and Blues, with the added touch of silvery snow that Green’s solo playing conveys.

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Selfportrait VIII: Introspection

Selfportrait VIII:  
by Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Horizon Music


Horizon Music publishes a selection of music similar to New Age/easy listening/techno material but with more character. This is not just another album full of earcandy; Introspection is dedicated to the victims of terrorism, wars, and other battles in the world.

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Sequoia Records, Inc.


Buddha-Lounge, a best selling record in Europe, uses multi-cultural rhythms to create an intriguing album from various international new-age artists.

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by Deva Premal
White Swan Music


This new CD by Deval Premal is good, but it doesn’t rise to the level of her previous album, The Essence. Her current work is better as background music, and sounds like a cross between Kenny G, Bruce Hornsby and Robert Gass (with a female voice).

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A Woman’s Voice

A Woman’s Voice
New World Music


Compilation CDs do best as one of the following: artists’ greatest hits, a genre’s greatest hits (example: classic rock) or an era’s greatest hits (example: 70s.) Otherwise this type of CD usually turns out to be a promo gimmick for a recording company, hoping that by showcasing artists, the listener will buy the individual CDs. Unfortunately, A Woman’s Voice seems to fit into the latter variety of underwhelming collections.

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Winter Moons

Winter Moons 
by Spirit Nation
Razor & Tie


What do you get when you cross an Israeli, an Ojibway, and a truckload of electronic equipment?

Give up?

It’s called Winter Moons, the second release by Canadian group Spirit Nation.

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