Onward to Avalon

Onward to Avalon
by Jack Montgomery
Shadowdancer Music


Some of you may already know of Jack Montgomery from his writing, but he’s also an excellent musician and lyricist. His rich, compelling voice and deft playing really bring these songs to life. Several other talented vocalists and musicians join him for this album. Featured instruments include keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, tambourine, and mandolin.

“Isis” is a subtle instrumental piece that sets the mood. “Good Folk’s Lament” evokes a soulful reverie of mysterious things now lost. “Lorelei” was inspired by legends of the Rhine sirens. The robust verses of “Dancing Bear” will have you tapping your feet to this celebration of wanderlust. “Glamoury” sets a tale of romance to an old familiar tune. Honor the forces of time, darkness, and destruction in its proper season with “Jai Kali Ma,” a hymn to this famous Hindu goddess. “Willow Song” was inspired by The Wind in the Willows. “Enchanted Gypsy” is a driving summons for the mystical soul, with its strong rhythm and sprightly piping.

The next song measures the cadence of life and time like “Waves Upon the Sea.” “Green Grows the Garden” is a lovely summery song about the Lord and the Lady. “Isle of Islay” is a pastoral piece. “Come in the Stillness” tells about Jack-in-the-Green, an aspect of the Green Man or God of Nature. “August” is a meditation on summer’s end. “Sea of Forgetfulness” sings of hope amidst hardship, accompanied by some exquisitely delicate string music.

Onward to Avalon has a wonderful folk flavor, the lyrics ranging from mythic to spiritual. Most of the content is European in inspiration, but there are a few tidbits for people of other traditions. Several songs would work well in ritual, like “Green Grows the Garden” and “Come in the Stillness.” The instrumental tracks are indeed nice for meditation, too. Highly recommended.


RATING: 5 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #02

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