A Woman’s Voice

A Woman’s Voice
New World Music


Compilation CDs do best as one of the following: artists’ greatest hits, a genre’s greatest hits (example: classic rock) or an era’s greatest hits (example: 70s.) Otherwise this type of CD usually turns out to be a promo gimmick for a recording company, hoping that by showcasing artists, the listener will buy the individual CDs. Unfortunately, A Woman’s Voice seems to fit into the latter variety of underwhelming collections.

This compilation doesn’t include the lyrics, (very annoying). Not even brief bios of the artists are offered for the curious, and — who composed the songs? The artists? I listened to the CD a half-dozen times; both “Angelus Cantus” by Pia and “World of Wonders” by Cora O’Donovan have spirit and clarity, but I can’t say overall I found one artist more appealing than another.

Blame it on my hearing, but each of these women seemed talented in a New-Agey bland way, but difficult to distinguish — as if they all had the same arranger and recorded on the same day with the same orchestra. Exceptions were “Honour the Earth as your Mother” by Sarah Hopkins and “Flaming Star” by Sally Oldfield. I gave up trying to decipher the message in most of the songs. A Woman’s Voice fails utterly to deliver “… a fusion of styles … a kaleidoscope of richness” as hyped on the cover. I’d recommend skipping this one.


RATING: 2 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #02

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