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Buddha-Lounge, a best selling record in Europe, uses multi-cultural rhythms to create an intriguing album from various international new-age artists.

At the beginning it was difficult to tell one song from the other because the rhythms appeared to be the same. Towards the middle of the album it really picked up, and I found that the best songs on were found here.

“Dona crei tun” is a very calming melody, sung ever so softly and purely, perfect for meditation work as well as soothing relaxation. Stephannie is the voice behind this moving song. This was by far my personal favorite of all the songs featured. “Divine Flame” included brilliant drumming to entice the listener into getting onto the floor and perform a stomping dance. Performed by Alquimia, “Night of the Alebrijes” was outstanding with its subtle tones and perfectly in-sync vocals to create an enchanting, healing experience. I also enjoyed the track “Glass from Jasper,” which I found useful for inducing trance.

Overall this record was enjoyable. The good tracks definitely outweighed the average ones; it’s worth a listen. A portion of all proceeds go to the Rainforest Action Network ( and the United Nations Indigenous Peoples Fund (


RATING: 3½ Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #02

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