Selfportrait VIII: Introspection

Selfportrait VIII:  
by Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Horizon Music


Horizon Music publishes a selection of music similar to New Age/easy listening/techno material but with more character. This is not just another album full of earcandy; Introspection is dedicated to the victims of terrorism, wars, and other battles in the world.

My favorite tracks include the slow, sonorous “Side by Side,” the delicate chimes of “Dojo,” the cheerful “Si Es Esto,” and the deep serenity of “El Castillo de la Tranquilidad.” The others are “Ponte,” “Trailing Along,” “Lovely Morning,” and “Oh Sole Mio.”

Hans-Joachim Roedelius pulls a delightful array of sounds from the synthesizer and Introspection offers a wonderful range of sound for those occasions when you need something peaceful and soothing. It is perfect background music for meditation, trancework, massage therapy, yoga, and so forth.

I wouldn’t recommend it for most driving situations because of the dreamy quality, but if you spend a lot of time sitting in traffic jams, this might help keep you relaxed. This is a welcome taste of tranquillity in an age when many people feel stressed and threatened by upheavals in the world around them.


RATING: 4 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #02

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