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Culture Blogs

Popular subjects in contemporary Pagan culture and practice.

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Blurring The Lines Of Community: Politics

So are you sick of politics?  Tired of the election coverage?  For a political junkie like me, this election cycle has been one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed and I just can’t wait to see what happens next!  I thank all of the deities that I am not only alive to witness this but that I’m old enough to truly appreciate it.  So what does this have to do with being a Solitary Pagan?  Actually, a fair amount.

This is part of my continuing series called “Blurring the Lines of Community”.  My point with these articles is that as Solitaries, we often find it difficult to worship with others or even to find others who worship in any way similar to ourselves.  So how can Solitaries be part of Community when we are often seen as “loners”, “anti-social”, or even “not real Pagans”?  Well, notwithstanding the ideas I’ve put forward in other articles for becoming part of the Greater Pagan Community, there is another aspect to “Community” that I think is at least as important, if not even more important.

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    Somewhere in my collection of Pogo books there is one in which one of the characters; either Pogo or Porkupine, says that voting i

My bag is packed--minus the Tevas that need a good scrubbing first--and I am mostly ready for pilgrimage. It surprises me when I think back on the times I've been in Britain during the month of April--when folks long to go on pilgrimages, according to Chaucer.

It's field research really, though most of my traveling these days is one form of quest or another. There is a deep longing in me for new lands and vistas, new smells and tastes. But my travel always brings me to Britain and Ireland, when I leave these lands of home. I think of them collectively as the ancient motherlands. My DNA test showed that to be true--so much whiteness here, so many blood-links to those places that know my soul.

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Easter in Exile

One of the best Easters in my memory is the year my exhusband walked out on me.  I was shaking and trying to get ready for Easter with my more conservative side of my family, feeling sick to my stomach.  I would be the only one of the cousins who could not stick the landing on her marriage.  While none of them blamed me, I couldn’t bear the feeling of foreignness or pity that would follow.  My sister was traveling for her job and I had no idea how to articulate this feeling to anyone.

My mother came to pick me up and took one look at me and her innate MomSense took over.  I couldn’t articulate the weird mix of anxiety, shame and Otherness I was feeling very well.  Retrospectively, I think she was able to figure it out though.  She immediately claimed a migraine and made our regrets and decided we would go to a local restaurant.  Which of course was jammed full of people with reservations.  She decided we would sit at the bar and have a glass of wine and eat there.  You have to understand, my mom is equal parts rebel and Italian-American Emily Gilmore.  I don’t think she had sat to eat at a bar in her life.  She had probably sat at a bar, period, >10 times.  But we sat at the bar, exiles in our homeland.  I don’t remember what we talked about, but I remember having the same giddy skipping-school feeling and how we laughed together about defying tradition and expectation.

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Who or What are the Fairies? (The Soundbite Edition)

"The Kingdom of Faerie lies within."

(Tony Kelly, 1949-1997)

We are the outside looking in.

They are the inside looking out.

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The Clay Ladies

You could call them the “Clay Ladies,” as our coven kid Robin did.

They exist in their tens—if not hundreds—of thousands across the world.

Goddesses? Fertility magic? Who can say?

Clearly, they're symbolic. Clearly, they're meaningful. We shouldn't expect that they meant the same thing to every culture that made (and makes) them. But to claim that they have no religious significance (as some academics have done) seems to me to fly in the face of general human experience. And if (incredibly) they never did before: well, they certainly do now.

And sometimes, I think, we can also say: this much, at least.

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Crescent City, California December 1981

I started picking up rocks with my Granny on our summer vacations to Crescent City, California. We would pick up the agate on the beach. Sometimes we would lay in the pebbles and sift through them, holding them up to the sunlight to see which were most translucent. The top layer, dried by the sun, (which beckoned us to sit and dig) was deceptive. The sea water would seep up from the under layer and soak our knees and elbows. When the agates we found dried, we would lick them to rediscover the shine.

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A Spring Equinox Ritual for Energy, Creativity & Abundance

A friend asked me to make her a charm to increase her physical and creative energy, and I thought, "Man, I need one of those too." And then I thought, "And the Spring Equinox is the prefect time to tap into that kind of energy," so I made it part of Blue Moon Circle's ritual, which we did earlier today.Then it occurred to me that some other folks might find this useful too, so here it is. As always, if you don't have some (or even most) of the supplies, you can substitute things you do have that feel right to you, or just do without. The reason I threw in SO many ingredients, more than I usually do, is because I needed this to be uber-powerful. And it was. Happy Ostara!


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