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15 Things You May Not Know About Lindie Lila

I recently asked several of the musicians and artists that I play on my show to tell me some things about themselves that most people don't know about them. I intend to do this as am ongoing feature of the blog.

My first responder was Lindie Lila. Lila was a finalist in The Magick Jukebox's 30 best Pagan Albums project, coming in at #4 with Return of the Goddess. Her music is hauntingly beautiful and genuinely comes from the heart.

I have known some people in my life that seem to ooze beauty and love from every pore. Lila is one of those people. She genuinely cares for everyone and has a spiritual connection with everyone she meets, human and otherwise.

I asked her to tell a dozen or so of her best secrets, and boy, did she deliver. Oh, and by the way, she really loves Dolly Parton music, too. Enjoy the list.

1. Due to German measles I was born almost blind, with inoperable astigmatism. Everything to me is a blur if I am not wearing contacts or spectacles. This made me super sensitive to energies growing up, as I mostly had to feel people instead of seeing them.

2. I had an imaginary friend that lived in our bathtub drain when I was about 7.

3. I sleepwalked often as a child - one night aged four I woke up outside the house in the middle of the night with all the doors and windows shut. I think Aliens abducted me and they just dropped me outside the house! It was quite frightening to wake up outside in the dark not knowing how I got there.

4. My ancestors were Dutch, German and French - my mother tongue is Afrikaans

5. My grandparents fled Kenya during the Maui-Maui uprising when my dad was just 5. They lost everything and had to start with nothing in South Africa. I grew up with stories of them living in the wild, amongst the Maasai.

6. I had a baboon as a friend when I was just four years old and a pet crow at age twelve.

7. I had a dance dress, which gave me super powers when I put it on.

8. At age eight I dressed up as Rocker Barbie in a black plastic trash bag and big hair and stood on the back of a pick-up truck, singing to passers by in the trailer park where we were camping. I was a huge Barbie doll fan.

9. As a child, I heard voices at night and could not sleep alone in my own room for a long time. I used to go and sleep in my brother’s room when the ghosts troubled me too much.

10. I taught myself how to lucid dream at age sixteen. This helped me get rid of bad spirits attacking me when I slept.

11. I read the book Robots Rebellion when I was seventeen, which influenced my whole outlook on religion. I was a free spirit ever since.

12. I crack a joke all the time and then laugh out loud, even at the wrong times!

13. I love Oysters, especially eating them fresh off the rocks.

14. I can't stand the noise of racing cars, lawn movers, weed eaters and similar sounds, or someone touching my nose.

15. I can talk to animals, and little birds often come over to speak to me.


You can find out more about Lindie Lila and give her enchanting music a listen at

There is currently a contest where you can win one of Lila's two CDs on The Magick Jukebox Podcast. Just e-mail a song request (any song by any Pagan artist) to with the subject REQUEST and you will be entered to win one of the CDs.b2ap3_thumbnail_823510_10151333003246849_1661895333_o.jpg


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David Banach is a husband, father, active member of his local Pagan community and host of The Magick Jukebox Podcast. He has nearly 10 years of experience with the genre of Pagan music.


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