The Sabbat Wheel made a lot of sense for our Pagan ancestors, for whom the seasons and their mid-points roughly corresponded with the Year-Wheel as we know it.  But more and more, I'm finding that it makes little sense in other places, especially where I live.  When I was growing up, the Wheel had only the loosest correspondence with the seasons I knew anyway. The snow was starting to melt by Imbolc, for example, and we had mud season a lot, but crocuses were still at least two weeks away. You knew it was Ostara because there were bees.  The hawthorn and fruit trees were usually blooming by Beltane, but it was still too cold (and often too wet) to camp outside. And so on.

With climate change taking hold, this has become less and less true.  With each passing year I find it more difficult to find meaning in the symbols and landmarks that are supposed to be associated with each Sabbat. The last few years, it simply hasn't felt like the Sabbat at all.

What to do? The options are: reinvent the symbols, or move the holidays. The past few years I have tried the former, and found it distinctly unfulfilling. So this next year or two, I'm going to try the latter.

I live in the BC Interior, and I am going to try to follow the following Sabbat schedule. I feel this will be more consistent with my local seasons, and since it lines up with many statutory holidays, I might even find it easier to get time off:

* Yule: December 25 (why not? It's four days different and that's when everyone else celebrates it)

* Imbolc: Groundhog Day February 2 (not a stat holiday, but the observance is consistent with the idea of the Sabbat)

* Ostara: Easter (it's just easier)

* Beltane: Victoria Day (summer in Canada begins on Victoria Day, the third weekend in May, just like summer begins on Memorial Day in the US; that's when we bring the barbecues out, and it's warm enough to camp and find a sunny patch with an intended on the grass)

* Midsummer: Canada Day July 1 (it's pretty close, it feels more like Midsummer, and we get the day off)

* Lammas: BC Day first weekend in August (many provinces celebrate their day then so we get the day off)

* Mabon: Labour Day first weekend in September (it's about the same part of the harvest cycle as we're supposed to be celebrating on the Equinox, the weather is still warm enough to do stuff, and we get the day off; and I think it's consistent to have a festival of thanksgiving on the day we celebrate the labour movement - otherwise we'd have to wait until Canadian Thanksgiving, which is too close to Samhain and it's often snowing by then)

* Samhain: Halloween (lines up so well, even though it's not a stat holiday)

I'll keep you posted on the results of my experiment, starting with July 1!