When things aren't going your way you can use tarot magick in meditation to help find new perspectives and solutions.

A good card to work with is the Hanged Man.

Did you know that the Hanged Man is the card of yoga? This card carries the energy of meditation and yogic practice.

I have a personal association for the Hanged Man as well; I see it as the card of the 12 Step Program. It is, after all, card 12 of the Major Arcana. The message of the Hanged Man matches the 12 Step Prayer: Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Sometimes we need to reframe events or situations in order to better handle them. We need to accept things that are hard to accept and find ways around obstacles. This isn't an easy process but the Hanged Man is the perfect card to help.

To start, create sacred space appropriate for meditation. Use candles, stones and herbs that aid in meditation.

If you can, do some yoga in preparation for your meditation. You may have music in the background if you like, or do some drumming or chanting to help prepare for your meditative journey.

Do some meditative breathing and grounding.

Once you are ready, make a list (either in your mind or by writing) of the things that you are having a hard time accepting, and/or the feelings or perspectives that are holding you back. What are the things in your life that need solutions?

Now take the Hanged Man and spend some time with this card. Look at it, hold it to your chakras and breathe in its energy.

See that the Hanged Man is held upside down in an uncomfortable position. He is calm within that position. Through it he has found enlightenment.

Meditate for a few moments on the concept of finding wisdom and enlightenment as a result of being in a bad position. Think about how this can relate to your own situation.

Now see your situation through the Hanged Man's eyes. Everything looks different when you see it upside down.  When you look at your problems differently, what do you see? When you get outside of your usual way of viewing your situation, what other perspectives  and solutions can you find?

Use the energy of the Hanged Man to help guide you. You may even do a visualization in which you approach him and ask him for advice. Of course, to talk with him face-to-face you will need to be upside down as well!

Open your mind to possibilities, and see what comes to you. You might want to write down your thoughts, even the ones that don't make sense.

The powers that you invoke in creating sacred space will combine with your own creative and meditative visualization process and the energy of the Hanged Man to help you gain new perspectives and solutions.