Have you noticed that, sometimes, a particular theme starts to follow you around? Often it may relate to the season. At the same time, there can be synchronicities that capture the attention and deliver a really personal message.

This happens to me a lot. I also really feel the lessons of the season as I celebrate each turn of the Wheel of the Year. I know I am not alone in this.

The Tarot Blog Hop happens near each turn of the Wheel of the Year. Last week, for our Imbolc/Midwinter edition, our theme was “Awaken the Heart”.

Yesterday, I had a reading with a person who refused to do yoga because every time she did, it made her cry. I suggested this was evidence that she needed more yoga, not less. Her response was “Who would want to do something that makes them cry?”

My answer gave her pause. “People who want to heal”.

As I read through blog hop posts that include rituals and tarot spreads to awaken the heart, and I think of my client who wants to avoid her pain, I realize how much heart healing we all seem to need.

The heart chakra, whose Sanskrit name, “Anahata”, means “unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten”, can take a lot of damage in the course of day-to-day life.

This time of year is traditional and appropriate for heart magick, whether we are focused on the coming spring, and bringing the energy of new possibility to our hearts, or whether we are simply focused on the secular celebration of Valentine’s Day or it’s progenitor, the lusty Lupercalia.

When we think about healing the heart, we have to acknowledge the many things that can cause injury, and the many different ways that injury can manifest. While we all need healing, none of us bears the same wound, or handles our injury the same way.

In tarot, I see the Ace of Cups as the open and healed heart. An easy heart healing exercise is simply to spend time with the Ace of Cups.

You can meditate with the Ace of Cups using any number of visualizations. For instance, picture the cup as a huge pool of healing water, and dive in! Or, visual the cup as a healing remedy that you can drink.

If you would like to try a magickal divination for heart healing, here is a three-card spread that can help.

Focus on your heart and shuffle your cards. You might even want to hold the deck to your heart chakra for a moment.

Draw three cards, and arrange them in an inverted triangle to mimic a valentine heart shape.

First, perform your interpretation in this context. See these three cards as describing the state of your heart currently. You may see in the cards events that have left a mark on your heart, or specific disappointments or fears.

Now, look at the cards and ask yourself this question.

How does each card advise me to heal? What advise does each card give me toward healing my heart?

So far, from these three cards, you have gotten a sense of the well-being of your heart, or the nature of its sorrow, as well as advise on ways to heal.

Now, look at these three cards and decide if each card bears an energy you need more of, or less of, in your heart.

The cards of which you need less may be returned to the deck. You may also switch reversals to create the energy you desire.

If you have returned cards to the deck, you may now look through the deck to cognitively chose cards to replace them – cards that reflect your heart as healed, open, and awakened.

Once you have re-created your three-card heart, spend some time in meditation with the cards. Snap a picture of your three cards, and use that image both as a powerful reminder of your heart’s potential to heal, and as a magickal tool to help that healing be manifest.

Tarot magick works on a lot of different levels. The images help us create the powerful visualizations that are the fuel of magick. At the same time, these sacred images have accumulated their own power and energy, which we can harness and use.

By meditating with specific cards, and by choosing and rejecting certain cards, we can easily change the energy around us and manifest the healing we need.