78 Magickal Tools: Bringing the Magick of Tarot to your Pagan Path

Tarot is more than a tool of divination; tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom and a set of magickal tools. Explore new ways to use tarot in ritual, magick, meditation, self-discovery and attunement.

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Three Ways to make Magick with the Four Aces

b2ap3_thumbnail_Christiana-Gaudet_HRacepent_12B_raw.jpgThe four tarot Aces are potent magickal tools. In some tarot decks, their images are similar to the traditional altar tools used in many Pagan traditions. This is no accident. The four Aces are the Four Tools of Magick, and you can use them as such.

In divination, each tarot Ace can represent a new beginning. The Ace is the essence of its element as well as the beginning of a journey inspired by its element.

Here are three exciting ways to use the Aces to in your magickal life.

1. Use the Aces as Altar Tools

In a ritual celebrating a new beginning such as a New Moon, child dedication, handfasting or a birthday ritual, use the Aces as your altar tools. They will invoke the Four Elements and bring to the ritual an energy of new beginnings where all things are possible.

Simply place the Ace of Swords in the east for Air, the Ace of Wands in the south for Fire, the Ace of Cups in the west for Water and the Ace of Pentacles in the north for Earth.

If you prefer Swords (athame) for Fire and Wands for Air you can simply switch the Aces. There are even a few popular tarot decks that follow that tradition; my favorite is Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt.

Additionally, if you are ever need to cast a quick circle and don't have altar tools handy, the four Aces from the tarot deck in your purse or glove compartment are always happy to step in.

2. Use an Ace to Create an Opportunity

It is easy to do magick with an Ace. Simply choose the Ace that represents what you need. If you need a new job, a promotion or quick money, use the Ace of Pentacles. If you need new energy, strength or inspiration, use the Ace of Wands. If you need clarity, the ability to communicate well, the ability to discern truth or pass a test, use the Ace of Swords. If you need emotional healing, healing for a relationship or to attract new love, use the Ace of Cups.

You may spend time in meditation with the Ace you have chosen. You may hold it to your third eye, your throat and your heart, breathing in its energy. You may place the Ace, or a printed image of the Ace, on your altar or in your wall. You may carry the Ace, or a printed image of the Ace, in your wallet, pocket or handbag.

The elemental energy of the Ace will bring you the new opportunity you need.

3. Divine your Current Elemental Path

As one of the Four Elements, each Ace represents a helpful energy, and a specific path and focus. Which path is best for you at this current time?

Simply shuffle the four Aces, and pull one at random.

The Ace of Pentacles suggests that you focus on practical things. Now is a time to work hard, and consider your career. It is a time to focus on your home, your connection to nature and your physical well-being. The Ace of Pentacles allows the steadfast strength of the Earth element to guide your current path.

The Ace of Wands offers you the path of creativity and spirituality. It suggests that you find inspiration in all things. It urges you to reach within yourself and find your talents, your humor, your energy, your sexuality and your connection to Spirit. The Ace of Wands allows you limitless energy to pursue your passions.

The Ace of Cups shows you the path of compassion. It suggests a focus on the healing of your heart, and the healing of those around you. It gives you time to focus on those you love, either in an intimate family setting, a community setting, or a setting of altruistic charity. The Ace of Cups reminds you that you are never alone - that you always walk your path surrounded by love.

The Ace of Swords suggests a path of intellectual pursuit. Now may be a time to learn new things, or to teach others your knowledge. With the Ace of Swords you walk with integrity. You reveal truth to others, and have clarity about your personal truth. The Ace of Swords reveals to you the power of your own mind, and your ability to communicate truth and knowledge to those around you.

In ritual, magick and divination, the four Aces of the Minor Arcana bring you the sacred energies of the Four Elements, whose powers are available to meet your every need.


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Christiana Gaudet, an eclectic Pagan, has worked as a full-time tarot reader and teacher since the early 1990s.  From her home in South Florida she offers readings and private instruction by Skype and telephone, as well as tarot and spiritual webinars.  Christiana's first book, "Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know" is designed to help each tarot professional build a unique and successful tarot business.  Her new book, "Tarot Tour Guide: Tarot, the Four Elements and Your Spiritual Journey" explores ways of using and understanding tarot by understanding the Four Elements. Christiana is a popular speaker at festivals and conferences, and has done a great deal of psychic work on broadcast radio and television.


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