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How Do You Know...

We touched on how doubt affects a reading in the previous entry, and I want to go a bit deeper into this, because it really can make or break both the reading, and the reader / client relationship. People who do not experience Tarot readings or other forms of divination as part of their usual walk of life may not understand how it is that readers know what they know. 

One of the common ways that readings get jeopardized is when the client questions the reader's capability. I've been reading long enough that it doesn't bother me now, but I remember as a newbie this was a real hot button for me. I think it was because, at that time, I questioned myself. 

A good reader will be experienced. It's possible to go online and enter int a chat room and get a free reading, but how do you know who is doing the reading? It could be a kid with a book, or a con man, or someone who gets their kicks out of confusing the vulnerable.... It's impossible to tell unless 1) the reader is personally known or 2) the reader has been vetted by the host of the chat. Even then, nothing comes with a guarantee. As the saying goes, "Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances."

This isn't to knock inexperienced readers. Everyone has to start somewhere. Look to the analogy of a hair stylist again. A stylist serious about her work will practice on mannequins first, then on volunteers, then she -- or he --  can start charging for her services, and then she can work her way up to being the senior stylist, and if she is really lucky, she will end up being famous for what she does, because of her skill in doing it. A reader is the same. It's okay to volunteer to be read, but the caveat is still the same. Be sure you know who is reading you. Trust is everything. 

At the end of the day, nothing is carved in stone. Maybe you had a free reading from an anonymous psychic in a chat room and they told you something that made you feel worried or uneasy. Take it with a grain of salt. If it is something that you can fix yourself, then work to improve so that this psychic's prediction does not come to pass. If it is something where you feel out of your depth, seek professional advice, either from an experienced reader whom you trust, or the relevant professional bodies. Remember, you are the one who is ultimately in control of your own destiny.

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Charlie Rainbow Wolf is happiest when she is creating something, especially if it can be made from items that others have cast aside. Pottery, writing, knitting, and Tarot are her deepest interests, but she happily confesses that she’s easily distracted, because life offers so many wonderful things to explore. Charlie has been reading the Tarot professionally for over two decades, and can't imagine life without it. She is an advocate of organic gardening and cooking, and lives in the Midwest with her husband and special-needs Great Danes.


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