When you are feeling aimless, you might want to call upon Beaver to fill you with a sense of purpose.  If you are frightened, invite a courageous animal like Lion to fill you with courage.  Calling on animals for their gifts is a part of understanding the animals of whom you work with.  Remember to always thank them when you are done. 

The following examples of calling upon the animals come from “Shamanism Vol. III: Animal Medicine Powers” by Dolfyn.

Fox: “Fox Spirits, I am calling to you.  Live within me and fill me with your cleverness.”

Cat: “Cat, I honor you!  Cat Spirits, live in me that I may be graceful, mysterious, and free!”

Wolf:  “Wolf Spirits, I am calling on you.
Wolf Spirits, be here now!
I need your help to be loyal and free.
Wolf Spirits, live in me!”

Note: In this chant, you could insert another animal in place of Wolf. For example: Cat by changing the last two lines to: “I need your grace and mystery. Cat Spirits, live in me!” or Horse: “I need your strength and stability. Horse Spirits, live in me!” 

Other suggestions: 

Beaver: Beaver lives in a sturdy lodge of mud and branches. She builds many entrances and exits to the lodge to avoid being cornered.  Invoke Beaver medicine to open new channels of thinking within yourself and to bridge channels with others.  Also, you can call upon Beaver medicine for the power to build anything -- dreams, security, a home.

Crocodile and Plover: Crocodile’s large teeth are under siege by leeches who attack her gums, thereby endangering her survival.  Therefore, Crocodile will open her mouth and wait for her ally, the Plover.  This little bird hops into Crocodile’s mouth and eats the leeches.  We can call upon Crocodile and Plover medicine to help us form alliances with people who are very different from us.

Eagle: Visualize Eagle, breathe her into yourself, and quietly ask her to come to you with her powers.

Lizard: Invoke Lizard for the ability to let go of the old. Invoke him for regeneration, renewal, and growth.