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Dragons of the Cosmos: Timeless Chaos

Dragons of the Cosmos are a part of the fabric of the Universe. According to many myths, these Dragons have either created the world or plotted to destroy it. They have an intense unbounded energy to accomplish their aims. Because of the danger They pose, these dragons are best to be avoided. Moreover, Cosmos Dragons only have relations with the Gods, and usually ignore humans.

The Great Mother Dragon, Tiamat of Babylon (pictured above) is one of the best known of the Cosmos Dragons. As the Creator, She formed the first Heaven and Earth with Her Body. Tiamat is also called the Lady of the Primeval Chaos, who avenges her spouse’s murder. According to Babylonian myth, She tried to rid the Earth of both Gods and humans, and nearly succeeded.

Mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, the Leviathan is another world destroyer. According to the prophet Isaiah, the Leviathan will run amok during the Final Days. Middle Eastern lore says that the God of the Old Testament created two Leviathans. Because He realized that the Two together would destroy the Earth, God had to kill the Mate. When upset, the surviving Leviathan will cause devastating tidal waves. To console Em (Leviathan is multi-gendered), God plays with Em at sunset every day.

According to Norse lore, Jormungand, the World Serpent is the offspring of Loki, the Trickster God and Angrboda, the Giantess. (His siblings are Hel, the Queen of the Underworld and Fenrir, the Wolf.) To prevent Jormungand from destroying the earth, Odin, the All Father, threw this dragon into the sea to contain Him. Encircling the world, Jormungand lays on the bottom of the sea and plots his revenge. Every time that He considers the injustices done to Him, Jormungand writhes thereby causing tidal waves and earthquakes. At Ragnarok, Jormungand will flood the land in seeking his vengeance on the Gods.

The sworn enemy of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, Apep is the Dragon of Destruction and Chaos. When Ra goes go forth in his solar barge, Apep tries to kill Him, but is usually thwarted by Ra’s allies. On the few times that Apep appears to be successful, a solar eclipse occurs.

Dragon of the Cosmos are dangerous to people. If you think that you may encounter one, be prepared to offer the Cosmos Dragon, gold, silver, or platinum. Then praise Them, “Oh, Great Dragon of the Central Cosmos, Great Dragon, upon You rest the bones of the Universe. I exalt You.” In addition, people who have Sturgeon or Sperm Whale as their animal teachers can call upon these animals for help, as well. It is best to avoid Cosmos Dragons all together. These Dragons do have the wisdom of divine knowledge, but They keep it to Themselves.

Because They threaten the Order which is maintained by the Gods, Cosmos Dragons embody the attributes of chaos. When these Dragons communicate, They do so by lightning, tidal waves, and earthquakes. This alone creates havoc on the earth and elsewhere. In myths, They are the creators and the destroyers of worlds. Cosmos Dragons are indeed The Beings of the Timeless Chaos.

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Virginia Carper, a Roman Polytheist, lives in the Washington D.C. area with her family. She navigates life with a traumatic brain injury which gives her a different view on life. An avid naturalist since childhood, she has a blog called “Nature’s Observations.” Having experienced the animals directly, she teaches on-line classes about the spiritual and natural aspect of animals. She has published articles on her brain injury, Roman polytheism, and working with extinct animals. In addition her writings on animals (including dragons and other mythic creatures) can be purchased her book site, Animal Teachers.  


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