In my reviews, I like to feature books that are often overlooked by people interested in animal wisdom. Diana Cooper, a New Age Practitioner, has written about animals from her perspective.


The New Age approach to animals and their wisdom differs from Witches and Pagans. Because each animal on earth has a purpose, they have guardian angels. Therefore in New Age Religions, to work with animals on a spiritual level entails knowing their Archangels. For example, any prayer to the Archangels about a specific animal or about animals in general are used for the highest good for all.

In her “Archangel Guide to the Animal World,” Angel Intuitive Diana Cooper writes for a general audience, who are interested in connecting with animals on a deep level. Using her observations of animals in the natural world, she presents a wide range of species from mammals to fish. With each group, Cooper offers visualizations on how to connect with the animals and their Archangels. Since Cooper is a New Age practitioner, she does include dimensional frequencies, ascension planets, and the Intergalactic Council. She clearly explains each concept in relation to the animals.

Cooper’s ideas gave me a new perspective on animals. For example, she says that bats hold universal wisdom and divine feminine secrets. Their mission is to bring wisdom from their home universe and disseminate it here on earth. Because bats are from another universe, people fear these animals. Meanwhile, the bats have the Archangel Dorenka, from their universe, watching over them.

Sharks are the “great spiritual warriors of the oceans.” For this, they deserve the respect of humans for keeping the world’s oceans clean. Sharks teach how to balance masculine and feminine energies as they do. Their mission is to keep the Stellar Gateways open to allow for the ascension of sea animals. Pouring light into the Gateway, the Archangel Metatron guides the sharks in their mission. Pagans may not believe in ascension or Archangels but they can learn to approach sharks on how to balance their opposite energies.

Cooper’s love of animals shines through her writing. She combines her insights of their natural lives with her concepts of the Archangels. Reading her book with an open mind and heart left me with much to ponder. I would recommend her book to get a different perspective about animals.